Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology


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"Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology is a sneak peek at the world of emotions and sensitivity."

Shemique Blair's book, "Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology is a realm of the human emotions that control all the aspects of our life. It's a kind of description of the seasons that form the very basis of an emotional relationship and then the aftermath of an abusive relationship that ends in a divorce.

Just like the poem, "The Human Seasons" by John Keats, this book delves directly into the cycle of the seasons associated with human emotions. The seasons of emotions start with the season of love when we develop feelings of love for someone that our soul desires to have a relationship with, then comes the second one of those seasons when we marry the one whom we love from the depth of our heart.

As an unfortunate reality, there is an end to spring and summer, the coming of fall is inevitable. Just like that, there is an end to the season of love or the spring of love also. The end is the divorce of otherwise happily married life. It's a moving reality that whom we love and marry, that person might leave us alone when a divorce takes place. Divorce is the result of the end of a long time of love and living together as a happily married couple.

The poet shows us a way to get out of the frustration of living in divorce from a relationship. The way that is like the light at the end of the tunnel is the personal growth and development that is important for us for overcoming our emotions of feeling alone and dejected.

The book is beautifully written and is worth reading for all of us!

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Shemique Blair, a Canadian-Jamaican educator and author of Love, Marriage, Divorce & Growth: A poem anthology. Shemique Blair lives with her indulgent cat and her loving partner in northern Ontario. As an educator she works to make a difference in the lives of those she encounters. view profile

Published on October 05, 2020

Published by Tellwell Talent

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