Love Letters to the Postman


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This steampunk fantasy with angels and ores tells a tae of adventure and redemption.

"Love Letters to the Postman: A Dystopian Steampunk Romance (Love Letters Series Book 1) by David Hurley is a steampunk fantasy filled with magic. With angels and ores, it tells a tale of action and redemption.

After a miserable divorce, Mark McLeod survives with the help of a few supportive friends. It is 1886, and New Philadelphia is just beginning to regain solid infrastructure after the Civil War. In this alternative timeline, technology and self-help skills are major attributes. Inventions such as glowing ore for technologically advanced machines are an ingenious way to power a new world.

As a well known inventor, Mark's expertise and talents are sought out as the new city emerges from ruin.

Angels of a Christian god intercede along the way. They are mystical and delightfully steampunk. Their integral addition to the story enhances the entire book and makes the plot delve deep into themes of self-worth, redemption, and faith. They are really cool creatures!

The banter between Mark and his buddies are realistic and make the characters more relatable.

Parts of this book and certain recurring themes took away from the joy of this book for me. Mark McLeod is struggling emotionally after a recent divorce. He makes lame excuses, and wonders if his ex-wife was a closet lesbian, and that is why "she didn't enjoy time in th esack." He wallows in self-pity. "Why do I always get the short end of the stick? Nobody gives a rat's ass about Dad."

Then there's Elroy, one of his best buds, who, "lost all mental capacity when near big boobs." These are grown men. Quite disappointing.

All in all the writing was good and the steampunk science and angels may redeem the dismal character traits.

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David Hurley is an author of fantasy and sci fi novels that inspire, entertain and teach life lessons along the way. The best way to learn is through targeted quality entertainment. He spent 24 years working in and for the U.S. Navy first as an officer and then later as a civilian. view profile

Published on August 23, 2020

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