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Love Has No Limits


Must read 🏆

A bittersweet read. It made me sad, it made me happy, but it gave me hope!

What a beautiful book that I chose on a whim!

As I first began the book, I thought I'd be able to stop at certain chapters and put it down. Nope! I could not put the book down. I never wanted to stop reading, and I definitely didn't want the story to end. Each chapter, and every scene, was described in such a way that I could easily depict the images in my head.

Although the story was bittersweet and had a lot of sad moments, it still continuously gave me hope.

Yes, this was a biography, but it was such a well-written story that it seemed too good to be true! I even stopped for a moment, thinking this book was just fiction because of the way it was written, and because of its format, but then I snapped out of it! I realized that of course none of this was fiction. It was real. None of it is made up. This is Armine's real life story. Even though the story continuously had its loops, it was nothing I expected, but everything I wanted. And even though I hoped for a better ending, it really just reinstated that someone's real life is not a romance novel that could always have a happy ending.

What a beautiful, beautiful story.

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I'm an author and a blogger, and a lover of reading! All I do is read - when I'm happy, sad, uncomfortable, or any other mood. I need that distraction and I crave it. I love learning about different characters and finding writing styles that can inspire me with my own writing.


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Arminé was born in Armenia and immigrated to US when she was 17. She is currently advocating for the interests of underserves children, after retiring from a senior executive position recently. She loves to traveling, reading, gardening, dancing, hiking, music, art and spending time with family. view profile

Published on April 27, 2021

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