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Loud Woman: Good-bye, Inner Good Girl!


Worth reading 😎

A reminder to all women that we need to push past societal constructs and get Loud.

"Loudness is a state of mind."

I was initially drawn to this book because of the title. I am told almost daily that I am too loud. After reading this book, I realize that what these people are trying to tell me is that I'm not acting the way they think a woman should. What Jill Celeste has told me is that I am doing just fine exactly the way I am.

Drawing from personal examples, celebrity stories, and published research, Celeste establishes the ways in which women can overcome the constraints and boxes that women are put in. She identifies the universality of the woman experience and teaches women that they can be so much more.

First of all, I appreciated that she identifies her biases right away. These are certainly apparent in her writing, but the acknowledgement of those biases allow for the reader to put aside what does not fit their own life and take what they can from Celeste's experiences. Her writing is vulnerable at times, and she also does a great job at taking readers through explanations.

The book is set in a very structured way which for me felt repetitive. Instead of the short chapters all relating to the same topic, it would have been easier to read one chapter. I just kept getting bombarded with the same messaging, and I did not like that. I normally take notes on the chapters when I review books, but I had to stop because it was becoming too much of the same summary.

However, that type of structure would be great for a lot of readers. This is written in tidbits which is easily digestible. The repetition also creates almost like a mantra for each section which would be effective for people looking for the self-help aspect of the novel. The 2nd person narration makes this book engaging from the outset.

Ultimately, the use of metaphors, direct tactics and ideas, and parallels with both Celeste's life and pop culture makes for a read that is easily read and easily followed. Each section is chalk-full of helpful tips for mindset shifting. This book stands as a well-needed reminder that we, as women, can be more than what society tells us.

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I have been a reader forever. I still hold the record for reading the most books in Grade 1, and I have maintained that momentum. Now, I have a degree in English Literature and share my passion as an English teacher. I also have a blog where I occasionally post book reviews.

A Loud Woman

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Jill Celeste, MA, teaches marketing and mindset to female entrepreneurs at Celestial University; facilitates sisterhood and connection through her online networking organization, Virtual Networkers; and hangs out with basset hounds as the co-founder of Tampa Bay Basset Hounds. view profile

Published on September 21, 2021

Published by Highlander Press

200000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Self-Help & Self-Improvement

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