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Loud Pipes Save Lives


Worth reading 😎

Loud Pipes Save lives features a diverse cast and a complex and intertwining plot! Hopefully the start of a great series.

Loud Pipes Save Lives is an enjoyable read and one that should appeal to a wide audience. There's a little something for everyone here, whether you're looking for a mystery, a book about motorcycle-riding feminists out for justice, or into examining the lives of complex characters who all have to come to terms with their own unique challenges, whether those involve a physical challenge or a challenge in defining one's intimate relationships.

While I enjoyed the character development and that the book has such a diverse cast, at times the plot line gets a bit lost or de-emphasized. As a result, the book feels like it is potentially a series starter. The level of character development in the Sparr family alone would be enough to carry several more books. My wish would be that each family member would get a more fully developed novel focused on them--their pasts, how they are forging ahead, etc. Ultimately, that curiosity about this large family kept me reading, even if at times the cast seemed a bit too big.

Something that I find a bit superfluous here is the constant interjection of literary sources. While I am amused that the bikers are incredibly well read, sometimes the chapters having passages at the start and sometimes not is a bit odd. I tended to skim or skip those. Also, things like mentioning The Consolation of Philosophy and how a character left the book at home stick out to me as details that don't really add to the story and could be edited out in favor of more plot-focused details.

A note about the title: The title is apparently a pretty common saying regarding the noise bikes like Harleys make--unless I missed it in the book that's never really highlighted at the beginning. I realize after reading the book that it takes on a different meaning given the Empress' gang and what they are doing.

Final note: This is a character-driven story; while there is some action here, this isn't what I'd call a typical "thriller." It is a good read and a solid start to a potential series about the Sparr family.

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Angelic Rodgers lives in L.A. (Lower Arkansas) with her wife, two unruly cats, and two codependent dogs. She is currently working on her sixth novel. You can keep up with her at and on social media (contact points are on her site).

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Jennifer Giacalone is an author with a foot in many literary worlds. Having just published her first mystery, "Loud Pipes Save Lives," she also recently placed in Noir Nation's "Golden Fedora" competition. She was nominated in 2018 for a Rhysling Award for Science Fiction Poetry. view profile

Published on November 08, 2019

Published by Carnation Books

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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