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LOST SOULS, A fictional journey through 50 years of PINK FLOYD


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A colorful and fun journey back to the early days of a legendary band, seen through the eyes of a casual observer soon to be a lifelong fan.

Pink Floyd is one of the most legendary bands in Rock and Roll history. Their albums have sold in the tens of millions, especially their seminal 1973 release "Dark Side of the Moon". Their rise, fall and rebirth has been written about in articles, books and the occasional documentary. The glut of information appears to be a hurdle for any writer attempting to write about the band and their legacy. Yet "Lost Souls" makes the insurmountable feat possible in seeing the band's journey through the eyes of a friend of the group who bears witness to their rise to the stratosphere of Rock and Roll and Pop Culture.

Matt is a college age youth who is still sputtering in his plans for the future. A trip to Ibiza leads to a chance meeting with the initial band....Namely Roger Waters and Syd Barrett. Barrett appears as gregarious, yet enigmatic to Matt. Waters possesses a jocular demeanor, mixed with a sharp wit. The toxic mix of psychedelics and schizophrenia are soon to wound the mind of Barrett, leading Pink Floyd to bring David Gilmour in as lead to replace Barrett. The acid rock that the band initially embraces hooks Matt in as a fan.

Matt emerges as a rock journalist, his acquaintance with the band gives him access for future assignments. He engages in conversations with the jokester drummer Nick Mason and introspective discussions with Richard Wright. Matt views the band's initial post-Barrett efforts as promising, but mediocre. The band is searching for their true voice and sound. Gilmour strums the lead guitar while assuming vocal lead, Waters furiously penning the majority of lyrics and playing a mean bass, Wright adding ethereal keyboard arrangements, while Mason's drumming keeps impeccable time. Matt sees "Meddle" as the turning point for the band's path, and "Dark Side of the Moon" as the high point. Yet, signs of discord are starting to be displayed, Waters and Gilmour battling for the soul of the band. Multiple albums selling millions, riches being made and squandered, relationships ended, new ones started...Rock and Roll in every aspect.

"Lost Souls" is a poignant view of a storied band. The author does an admirable job in personalizing the triumphs, foibles, ins and outs of Pink Floyd. This is a great read for all...whether fans of the band or not.

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BIKE (Ibiza & Formentera, August 1967)

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Edwin Ammerlaan began as a music journalist for OOR magazine in 1986. Since then he has interviewed more than 300 musicians and bands and his articles have appeared in various Dutch music publications including Revolver, Lust For Life and iO Pages. Edwin Ammerlaan lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands view profile

Published on January 26, 2021

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