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Lost Blades


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A chosen thief, a mysterious mage, and a banished assassin must unite for the Goddess of Death to save the world and finally end a prophecy.

Long before Jamirh, a thief born to an underdog race that is subservient to humans, is falsely accused of assaulting a nobleman's daughter (and thrown in prison for it), a powerful prophecy surrounding goddesses, vengeances, and eternal war began spinning.

When Jamirh finds freedom with the help of a mysterious fellow prisoner, he must leave his life behind in hopes that a new home in the wastelands beyond the safety of his country's walls will be waiting for him. But what he finds is anything but safe--truth lies beyond the walls, in the hands of Vampires, Wargs, shifters, and even the goddess of Death herself.

Caught up in a prophecy that is bigger than any of the three main characters in this story, the thief's lot is thrown onto a celestial gameboard of sorts alongside an exiled shadow assassin who has been sent on a secret mission to the other side of his world.

But can the three of them finally overcome obstacles that may have stopped would-be heroes of old in resolving a prophecy that until now has only held death in its wake?

Lost Blades is a powerful, page-turning epic fantasy with mythological influences that turn Greek mythology on its head in a whole new inventive way. While at first this piece struck me as a potential for a dark fantasy, it really ended up taking on a noblebright air, with hope for true change and a new potential for the 'chosen one' trope that left me wanting to read more of the series.

The page time in this book is split pretty evenly between Jamirh (the thief) and Takeshi (the assassin), with some other small side-scenes here and there.

From pirates to vampires and warriors to mages, this clean epic fantasy has a bit of everything fantasy lovers will enjoy. The story is unpredictable, but powerfully approaches several deep themes as well, such as overcoming fear to achieve one's highest potential, bearing the weight of consequences that are not our own in a way that can still bring honor and purpose to our lives, and finding hope in both living and dying for what's right, even if no one else will.

Sauco has woven a wonderful first-in-series tale with Lost Blades, with nods to classic epic fantasy tropes in a creative new light.

I am excited to see what will happen next for the heroes in this journey!

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Published on September 12, 2023

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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