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Logan Scott Files: The Wandering Wildflower


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A charming mystery to find a rare flower and save the festival while keeping super-spy gear top secret!

I was ecstatic to see a book 2 for the Logan Scott series! I thoroughly enjoyed book one, and book two is a wonderful continuation of this promising new kids' mystery series. Logan Scott, a kid who works with the police to find missing objects or people, gets a whole new case, as well as cool new spy gadgets to help him out. But this new case may be harder than it seems, as Logan struggles to locate the missing item in time for the festival while keeping his spy status on the down-low. Logan must use all his skills to succeed in this tricky case, and save the festival!

I really loved this story. Logan's adventures are always interesting. This mystery was a good light read, with just enough intrigue for its level. I also learned a few new things, like the stringent orchid law in Minnesota, which is always a plus. While the story could have benefitted from a proofreader to smooth out the rough formatting edges and polish the grammar, this story was endearing in every way. The illustrations are charming, and you can tell a lot of love went into each page. The formatting of the illustrations is a hundred times better than book one. I can see the author grow, in technical skills, storytelling, and confidence, as the series continues. While the ending was a little abrupt, the book left me feeling satisfied. I can't wait for Logan's next case!

The Wandering Wildflower is a perfect light read for anyone who loves a good, gentle mystery. This book is a perfect introduction to the mystery genre for young readers, and can be equally enjoyed together or as a solo reading experience. This book would be an excellent choice for a book club, with its perfect balance of interesting action without becoming too complicated. For all those who enjoy light mysteries, Logan Scott is a wonderful new addition to your collection. Logan's honest and straightforward worldview is certain to warm the hearts of readers everywhere.

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Hi! I’m a mother of two children and a labradoodle. We live in Minnesota and love doing anything outdoors. When my kids were little their imagination was off the charts. So I came up with a story that would entertain them called Logan Scott Files. And yes my sons name is Logan Scott. view profile

Published on December 22, 2020

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