Logan Scott Files: A Spoiled Brat Is Missing


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A promising new chapter book series about a kid detective with the tools and know-how to get the job done.

Logan Scott is a kid with the incredible talent to be able to find anything that's gone missing. When Logan is approached by the police department to help out on a case, Logan finds himself in the midst of a missing persons mystery that will affect the entire city! Using his wits, and an array of shiny new spy tools, Logan works to save the day in record time. The final twist is something Logan never expected. Can he wrap up the case and still be home for dinner?

Logan Scott's first adventure took me back to my childhood. I remember checking chapter book mysteries like this one out at my local library. This short adventure reminds me a bit of the Encyclopeia Brown mysteries, and has so much love worked into every page. Logan has a great family, and his hilarious and wonderful worldview adds humor to the tale. The final twist is something I never expected, either, and the story's charm and fun make me look forward to book two!

This book could use a bit of a 'spit and polish', but is a good, solid read. There are some typos, and it looks like the word processor tried its best to eat the manuscript whenever there was an illustration. Having worked on children's books with pictures, I know this is a common problem in publishing, even for major companies. That said, the heartfelt story successfully overcomes these issues.

The first story of Logan Scott and his incredible abilities is a nice, light read that left me happy, and reminded me of simpler days. A great story to read aloud, or enjoy alone for beginning readers ready for something a little longer, this charming beginning of a new series is perfect for young readers and families alike. Though it has a few bumps in the road, this lighthearted mystery is a promising start to a whole new world of adventure.

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Published on September 16, 2020

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