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Llewellyn's Complete Book of Meditation


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The only book you need for your spiritual practice! It will be my handy guide for a long time… 💫

Books that deepen my understanding of esoteric subjects and the spiritual realm have always been my first choice when it comes to picking out new reading material. Because of this, I make it a point to sign up for any meditation or breathwork session that I come across. I find that these practises help me stay present and focused. Having participated in a large number of events of this kind, I am confident in stating that this book is an extremely thoroughly researched compendium of activities that one can engage in to bring about a positive shift in their way of life. 

The way in which the author presented the material and the reasoning behind it was really interesting to me personally. When working with energy, chakra work is essential, and this book's explanation of each of the seven basic chakras, including their roles and how to activate those chakras, made for an interesting and enlightening read. As I progressed through the book, I was able to recognise the aspects of my life in which I am experiencing difficulty and locate the chakra that corresponds to those difficulties. After that was finished, the next step was to begin the healing process by making use of the various meditation tools that the author had provided. 

This book is for everyone who wishes to gain an understanding of the functioning of the chakras and how we can work with the energy centres within our bodies to achieve a state of harmony in our lives. This is the ideal book to study if, alternatively, you are merely interested in accumulating a variety of diverse approaches to meditation. You will not only receive in-depth instructions on how to perform the meditation, but also information on its history and the advantages of doing so. 

This book was the best book I read in 2022 to deepen my spiritual practise, and I plan to refer to it again and again whenever I feel the need to go back in touch with myself. A huge thank you goes out to the author for all of the hard work that was put in.

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An international speaker and author. He is one of Europe's leading authorities in the field of chakras and the subtle body and has published twelve books. Shai also serves as an academic researcher at the University of Leeds and has developed several meditation-based therapeutic methods. view profile

Published on January 08, 2023

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