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Living With an Angel


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Within this book, you'll meet angels and will learn their names; every person born with a purpose greater than themselves. #AllLivesMatter

Real families, real children, real lives being shared, I'd be heartless to give this book a two star rating; but, I did come close. It became 3 stars because it's non-fiction; and, indeed, all lives matter.

The high-lights were the poems and quotes shared regarding angels and loving thoughts rendered. These make for great remembrances we all can glean wisdom from and hold as truths for the purpose of writing them upon our hearts.

The low-lights? The way in which the lives of those this author has come to know are shared leaves much to be desired. For the most part, there's a detectable detachment. There's warmth but also a flatness that one can't ignore. The writing is clinical rather than evoking the insights that would cause a reader to become invested emotionally into the lives of those being shared.

There are editing errors, which normally I'm able to gloss over; but, in a book that's as short as this one, I would hope for better. Because this book is short, the editing bobbles cannot be hidden or masked by the other words around them; and, instead, sadly stand out.

The author's intent is admirable; and, I do think families that have angels currently living with them will benefit from knowing they're not alone. Community matters, church family matters, resources matter; and, it's important to take advantage of the helping hands that are there to be of service to you and those you love who may need extra care.

Without the angels among us we may never have the opportunity to become angels ourselves. Lifting burdens off other's shoulders. Doing what we can to share in joys and sorrows, victories, achievements, and setbacks alike. When we lean into hard things we all become better for it!

When you see an angel, as described in this book, it would do you a world of good to not stare, not wonder, not keep yourself apart; but, to go up and say, "Hello". Nothing is gained when we keep ourselves in glass houses. Life is only ever enriched when we make ourselves uncomfortable by learning to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace and accept the seemingly imperfect. You may just discover that the only imperfection found is within your own thoughts.

The moral of the story? Every person is born for the purpose of teaching us something we didn't know before.

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Hi! This work is not mine; I am helping the author with all of the publishing tasks. She is very passionate about children and especially those exceptional children that have special needs. She is a professional in the field and wants to share her passion and gratitude for the caretakers involved. view profile

Published on October 30, 2019

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