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I was willing to give this book a chance and find my passion, but it did not convince me.

I was in the middle of the book when I realized that so far I has learned nothing worthwhile, or at least nothing different from all the good articles one can find on Pinterest. Maybe I was too cynical?

Actually, I wanted to love this book. I think that being passionate in life is important for each of us, but I also think that living passionately is about more than finding your calling or your true passion - you can choose to do a job passionately even if it may not be your dream job. And yet, I was willing to give this book a chance and find my passion. But in the end it did not convince me and here's why:

The writing did not resonate with me. The tone and pace of the author was similar to one of those sellers that is really really really trying to sell you something. I wasn't going to let that bother me until I realized that not only is the tone similar to an overly enthusiastic seller, but the information inside is presented superficially, without scientific facts or studies.

The author mentions interviewing many big actors and personalities (without naming names) but the book never presents anything from the interviews, nor what the readers could learn from those interviews. It felt like bragging and name-dropping without actually dropping any names. I wanted real situations from which I could observe the lessons I was supposed to learn from this book.

As a non-fiction book, using journalistic phrases like "researchers have found" without naming the study or presenting it in a few short sentences made it hard to trust any of the information. When you use conclusions from studies, the reader should know what the study was and be able to read further on it. This is probably my biggest complaint when it comes to this book. I cannot believe that something is scientifically proven just because the author is telling me to believe him without presenting the facts.

On the positive side, I think the exercises inside the book are useful, maybe not life-changing, but definitely something the reader could ponder on. I am sure the author has helped a lot of people, but I think a more researched and more transparent book would help even more.

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I'm Andreea, book lover raised in a library by my librarian aunt (and baby-sitter). Books are my favourite gifts to receive and I love to read pretty much everything from non-fiction to new adult, but my all time favourites are fantasy and science fiction.

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Published on July 21, 2019

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