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Limp Forward


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A tale of perseverance, an inspiration for all. Look back to understand your roots, & look forward to unleash your potential; never give up!

Blessed with a known history that goes back centuries and family stories passed down verbally through generations, Libo's story also encapsulates the stories of her ancestors.

This is a sweeping and engulfing read from beginning to end, an end without end; life continues for all of us. It's a book filled with applicable steps and gentle, gracious reminders. For instance, after the final page is turned, if you haven't yet, be sure your name is recorded on your family tree! Your life and legacy, too, matter for generations to come; women's contributions are equal to men's.

While this memoir is a page-turner, it is a page-turner with a steady pace. It's not text that's meant to be rushed but rather absorbed. Written not just for posterity's sake but to encourage, prod, nudge, and inspire. No matter the labels we have been given in life, we are far more than the labels we have received.

Learn what works for you. At times this may mean closing yourself off to the outside world and, at others embracing your neighbors because not all lessons can be learned alone. Our lives encompass seasons, but we must strive to improve by 1% each year. That 1% of added learning makes all the difference with compound interest.

I have at least fifteen pages marked to return to within the pages of this book where I was stirred up and desire to remember the knowledge, wisdom, and encouragement Libo's words and life's story seek to share. I have no doubt you, too, will step away from reading, wanting to retain its messaging. Thankful that Libo Cao Meyers was brought into this world and thankful she has chosen to share her life with us.

The lives of those around us shape us. We are shaping the lives of others too. May you inherently know your worth, be confident, and share your greatness with the world! We need each other; we need you.

Thank you, Libo, for being a guiding light and for the generations that came before you who also paved the way.

We are more connected than not; we are one within the human race.

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About the author

Libo Cao Meyers is an engineering executive at Apple, a board member, and a veteran of Silicon Valley. She grew up in Northern China and was diagnosed with polio as an infant. She immigrated to the US alone in 2000 and completed her Ph.D. and M.S. in two different engineering fields by 2004. view profile

Published on June 27, 2023

Published by Lioncrest Publishing

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