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Like No Other Boy


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A heartwarming novel about family, parenting, and the magic of what a connection with animals could do for a young boy with autism.

        Like No Other Boy is a deeply moving story about a father desperate to get through to his autistic son. After a messy divorce and dealing with an aging father as his life falls down around him, Chris is wrought with insecurities. He feels like an utter failure in his life. Readers see him go through the struggle of panicked public meltdown from his son, Tommy, and question his own capability of presenting Tommy with the connection he needs. His ex-wife, Cheryl, is a constant reminder that their difference of opinions is what drove them apart as she takes him through a trial for custody over their son.

              The writing in this book is absolutely astounding. This is not a world I am familiar with at all. I am not a parent, I have not been married or divorced, I do not have aging parents at the moment, I don’t personally know someone with autism yet the writer makes these plots seem relatable and meaningful to everyone. I could feel the painful parental experience of discussing the chemicals in Tommy’s brain nonchalantly – as if it was completely normal. I could feel the frustration from Chris as he urges his father to slow down and stop doing housework that will land him in the hospital. I could also feel the intense moments between Tommy and the chimpanzees he experiences and how much it meant to Chris to see his son come alive for the first time.

              The tone of the writing perfectly illustrates whatever event is happening at that time. When Tommy is making headway with the chimpanzees, the writing becomes elated and hopeful. When Tommy is in the hospital, the writing is worried and tense. Through the writing of Chris’ internal monologue, we see the deeply pitted emotional bond that Chris has with his son and we root him on as a result.

              I give this book four stars. It is heartwarming and tear-jerking and fascinating on so many levels. This book is a raw look at what it means to be a parents of autism and inter-generational connections. 

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Published on September 16, 2020

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