Light Up the World


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Light Up the World is a beautiful collection of inspirational poetry and prose to encourage individual and collective awakening and transformation. Full of wisdom, it offers vision for the realisation of our greatest human potentials - to change our inner and outer worlds by following our heart and leading with greater love.


This book is an invitation to inspire new ways of being in ourselves and in the world. It points to the truth of who we are and explores what that means for us individually and for humanity. It is an opportunity to look within for our own truth, not just superficially, but to look deeply and uncover our essential nature.

While it is an account of my own journey of coming to understanding, it is also a reflection on a path to wholeness and a greater possibility of unity for all of us. I wrote these words over three years of great personal change and self-inquiry, though they reflect a more extensive and larger process of transformation that is available to everyone. Just like each of us, this work has been a lifetime in the making.

As with our own being, so too these words hold the seeds of potential of everything we need to realise the ever-present truth of who we are, and to support awakening for all. The fruits are greater presence, awareness, authenticity and compassion. We can share these freely to create a more kind, peaceful, equitable and sustainable world.

It is an offer to inquire and reflect – to find stillness and discover your own essence. Hopefully you will be inspired and encouraged to uncover, grow and share a sense of your own inner divinity with others.

Ultimately, it is a book about personal and collective truth, empowerment, wisdom, and waking up to our true nature and our greatest potentials. It contains insight and support for the work of transforming ourselves and the world, and to encourage greater harmony, peace and understanding.

Most of all it is written with love. It is for all beings.

About the author

Mark Simpson is an inspirational speaker and writer committed to raising personal and collective consciousness. His work invites and supports individual and organisational growth and visionary leadership based on compassion, kindness, empowerment and inclusiveness. He lives in Perth, Australia. view profile

Published on August 31, 2019

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Genre: Inspirational

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