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Life Coaching: The Key to Your Future


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Find out how the Law of Attraction actually works through goal setting and life coaching!


Do you find yourself trying and failing, reaching and falling short? Do you find yourself trapped in a loop of failure and discouragement? This doesn't have so much to do with where you are, or what you are trying to do, as it does with you yourself. All of us have limiting subconscious beliefs that will get in the way of our success. If you want to break out of the loop of failure and discouragement, then this coaching will transform your life!

There were a lot of good tidbits in Life Coaching: The Key to Your Future by Alexander R. Davis. The author provided his own enthusiasm and easy to follow steps to help the reader manifest the things that are needed, whether it is financial or otherwise. 

Despite all the inspirational information, there were a few issues I had with this book. First, I believe there was a section missing. Each of the steps to manifesting the Law of Attraction had its own section except Inspired Action, which I believe to be the most important step. If someone does not take action, no matter how much he or she wants something, it will never happen. I think that the author meant to include a section on this since it is a step listed in the full example, but someone it wasn’t included in the book. 

Then were some word choice errors that must not have been detected by the spell checker like barrow for borrow, marry for merry as well as a few capitalization mistakes. Plus there were a few sections that were redundant, especially in a book this size. Another proofreading pass through seems to be in order. 

Now, here are the parts I most enjoyed about the book. There was quite a bit of emphasis on overcoming self-imposed limitations, the beliefs that are holding you back. Not only was the information clear and concise, the author provided several coach/student example sessions so the reader could see how this process played out.  

Another aspect I really appreciated about this book was that although the author referred to successfully obtaining your heart’s desire as manifestation, there was nothing magic about the process. Goal setting, actionable steps, and hard work are the keys to manifestation. Anyone who says anything differently is just blowing smoke.

So there you have it! Life Coaching: The Key to Your Future by Alexander R. Davis is a great little book that provides a short and understandable introduction to the Law of Attraction through life coaching. 

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Do you find yourself trying and failing, reaching and falling short? Do you find yourself trapped in a loop of failure and discouragement? This doesn't have so much to do with where you are, or what you are trying to do, as it does with you yourself. All of us have limiting subconscious beliefs that will get in the way of our success. If you want to break out of the loop of failure and discouragement, then this coaching will transform your life!

Session 1

Book Introduction

       I would like to start this off with a story.

There was a man in a terrible accident and as he laid in the hospital bed, a doctor came to him. The doctor told him, “I’m sorry to say, but you are paralyzed from the neck down. You are never going to walk again.”

The man grinned at the doctor and said, “No. I’m walking out of here.”

The doctor was surprised and tried to explain. “No, you don’t understand, with the damage to your body, you are paralyzed. You will never be able to walk again.”

The man simply repeated himself. “No, I’m walking out of here.”

The doctor left, thinking the man just didn’t understand, or that he was an idiot.

It didn’t happen that day, or the next, but before long, you know what happened? That man… WALKED… out of the hospital. Wow! Think about that! This man who was PARALYZED… WALKED… out of that hospital. That’s crazy! Really think about that for a second.

When you believe in something strongly enough, there is nothing that can get in your way. Belief is one of the most powerful forces in this life and it can be used for us or against us. Throughout the four sessions in this book, we will go over how to harness the power of your belief. We will discuss engaging the law of attraction in your life. Then we will cover how to make and achieve powerful goals. Finally, we will go over putting effective planning into practice

Session One: Introduction

There is so much out there about the Law of Attraction. What I am going to do in the course of this session, is show you how to engage this law of the universe, because there is much more to it than simply thinking positively and focusing on what you want. There is a concrete process to engage this law and that is what each of us need to know, to begin manifesting the miracles we want to see in our lives. We will go over the process and then I will give you a full example at the end. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Section 1: The First Step

I come at this process in a slightly different approach, but I have to give credit to Joe Vitali for much of what is in these four steps, he being the foremost leader in the law of attraction. There are four steps we are going to dig into that will help you engage the law of attraction, in this section we will hit on the first one.

Step 1 - Be Specific About What You Want

This is where it all starts. If you are not specific about what you want, it is never going to come your way. So, if you don’t know what you want, you may as well forget the Law of Attraction, because you will only use it by accident. The universe loves when we are specific, because then it can deliver. The universe loves to say yes. It is ready and waiting to give us what we want, but the problem often times, is that we put out too many conflicting signals. I can’t stress this enough, you must know what you want! If it takes some soul searching to find that, great, do it. Here is a question and an exercise to help you get some clarity if you don’t already know.

Question: If I could do anything and knew I wouldn’t fail, what would I do?

Exercise: I call this the “Wouldn’t it be Nice Exercise.” Here’s what you are going to do. You think of all the things that would be nice if they happened. Now, this isn’t necessarily things that have to happen, but things that would just be nice. It would be nice if a check came in the mail. It would be nice if my family and I spoke more. It would be nice if my favorite actor walked into my birthday party. It would be nice if I had a job I enjoyed. It would be nice if I had more free time, etc. Because you are not saying these things must happen, or anything of the sort, this exercise gets past the judgement we often attach to goals and intentions. It puts the judgement to the side, because you’re simply saying that these things would be nice. This is huge! Often, we aren’t even able to put what we want out there, because as soon as it comes to mind, we judge and doubt it and then it never leaves our thoughts.

You want to write out ten to twenty things that would be nice if they happened, depending on how easy the first ten are. If you get on a role, keep going, but you need to do at least ten. After you have gotten them all down, then you will go back and rate each of those things you wrote down. Use a scale of 1-10 and rate how much you want each of those things to happen. If there are any that fall in the 7-10 range, that is what you want to work with. If they are that high, then it shows that you really want those things to happen, even if they only began as something that would simply be nice if it were to happen.

Once you have narrowed down what you want, “Be Specific About What You Want,” we can continue. Now, write down what you want. Maybe you want to attract more income, so you write that out. Knowing you want more money is great, but here’s the thing about that. More money could be ten dollars more, couldn’t it? Make sure you are more specific than “I want more money.” Now, if you were to say, “I want one-hundred dollars of extra income each week,” that is much more specific, isn’t it? Make sure not to be vague in your desires, or you will get vague results. Let me share an example.


There was a lady and she called her coach to cancel her services, because she was out of money. She wanted to keep pushing forward in her life, but just didn’t have the money. The conversation went roughly like this:

“How about we just manifest some money for you instead? Wouldn’t that be better?” the coach asked.

“Well that would be nice, sure.”

“Then let’s do that! How much money do you have?”

“I only have sixty dollars left in my bank account.”

“Okay, what if we doubled that by this weekend, would that be good?”

“Well, yeah,” she said a little hesitantly.

“Okay, what about if we triple it? There at one hundred and eighty?”

“Yeah, I would like that.”

“You know, to make it easy for the universe, how about we just make it an even two hundred?”


“Alright, we have exactly what you want. Now, let’s start putting it out there so you can begin attracting it. So, I want you to put it out there. Tell the universe right now. I want two hundred dollars in my bank account, by this weekend please.”

Rather than saying what the coach told her, she was silent, you could have heard a pin drop.

“Come on, we got to put it out there. You know what you want, but you got to say it,” the coach encouraged.

Again, the lady was just silent, not saying a word. The coach waited. Pretty soon she spoke up in a hesitant voice. “I-I want two hundred dollars please.”

“That was great! Now let’s be more specific. When do you want that money and where do you want it?”

The lady spoke up again. “I would like two hundred dollars in my bank account this weekend please.”

“Good! But you know I’m on the other side of the world and I can’t really hear you. Can you speak up a bit?”

Pretty soon that coach had the lady all but shouting that she wanted those two hundred dollars in her bank that weekend. Once they finished up the call and the coach got off, he shot up a quick prayer that she would get what she was asking for and then went on to his next call. As he was talking to the next person, he got an email from the lady. He felt a little worried at first, but still opened it. It was good news! She had someone come to her with an opportunity that she was going to be making two hundred dollars, not only that weekend, but every weekend moving forward. It worked and that isn’t the end either. Over the next three weeks that lady manifested close to 30,000 dollars, from different sources around her!

I have seen people attract money, relationships, careers, and a slew of other opportunities. This process of engaging the law of attraction is very powerful, and it all starts with being specific about what you want.

One thing I will mention along with knowing what you want, is to know what you don’t want. You should never focus on what you don’t want, but if you are not aware of what you don’t want, it is like walking in a field full of pits. You may just fall into one. Then you will either get hurt, or at least have to climb out, losing precious time and energy. So, you should know what you don’t want and that way you can avoid focusing on it or getting trapped by it. Plus, if you know what you don’t want that often makes what you do want more clear.

Let me talk about focus just a bit more here, because it is a big part of what is manifested in our life. We need to acknowledge the negative, the dark, to be able to step beyond it, but that isn’t all. We need to starve the negative and feed the positive. There is a big difference between resisting and starving. If you resist something, it gets bigger, gets stronger, because you are feeding it with your focus. In the process of resisting and trying not to think about something, you inevitably think about it more and all of your focus goes into the thing you don’t want! Let me share a story to illustrate the concept of starving the negative and feeding the positive.


There was a dog trainer, who had both a black dog and a white dog. Each week he went to town and would have the two dogs compete against one another. The townsfolk would gather and bet on the dogs, bet on who would come out on top. There didn’t seem to be any way to know which dog would win the competitions, but the dog trainer always made a bet on the winner, without fail. After some time, one of the people came to the trainer and asked how he always knew which dog would win. Up to that point, the trainer had never lost a bet and he wanted to know how that was possible. The trainer looked at the man and smiled.

“Would you like to know the secret?”

“Yes! I do!” the man exclaimed.

“Then I’ll tell you. It is quite simple really. I bet on the dog that I fed that week.”

This is exactly how we are! If we feed the negative that week, then it will win. If we feed the positive, then it will win. So, once you know both sides then you can avoid accidently feeding the wrong source. You can give your full attention to what helps you and what you want, because you know both sides.

Section 2: Step 2 – Becoming Free of Your Blocks

Step two is often what keeps people from manifesting what they really want, when trying to engage the Law of Attraction. The universe loves to give us what we ask for, but we are so often sending mixed signals. When you are asking for something and your doubts start to show up, that is like saying you do and don’t want it, at the same time. These doubts, or blocks, are in a very real way sabotaging you. You are torn in two different directions and the universe is trying to say yes to both your desire and your opposing doubts. I’m sure you can see the dilemma here. If you say something like “I want to eat healthier,” but you also have a belief, conscious or not, bringing up doubts like: I failed before, so this time won’t be any different. I just love junk food too much to eat better. I might fail so I’m not going to bother trying, etc. You can’t have it both ways. If you don’t become clear of these blocks, then you will continue to fight yourself and fail to attract what you want.

Let’s talk about the red flags that indicate whether you have these blocks that I will just call limiting beliefs. If you notice any of these beliefs, you need to record them. Get them down, because they will either be the limiting belief, or lead you to the belief.

Fear: If you are thinking about what you want, maybe a goal, maybe a dream, and fear shows itself, then you have found a red flag. Often the fear isn’t even rational. You may not even realize where it is coming from. You have a strong desire to move forward, but fear holds you back from reaching your dreams. If you notice fear when thinking of what you want, then get it down on paper. Note when you were feeling it and what you were thinking about. Once you have that recorded, you can start digging into that fear and find the limiting belief. Perhaps you want a stronger relationship, but for some reason fear comes up. Now you dig in deeper and come to the realization that the fear stems from being afraid of commitment. This is a limiting belief, an anchor that is holding you back from what you want.

Doubt: If you notice doubt when working towards a desire, then it’s time to take a step back, write it down and look at the doubt. Is the doubt showing because no one has ever done what you desire to do? Is it something that is impossible; against the laws of nature, or is it simply an anchor showing itself? For example, maybe you want to be thin, but you doubt you can ever get to a point where you will look good. As you look into this doubt, you come to realize that many people have achieved what you want and the reason you are doubting it, is because of a limiting belief. You have an block that tells you “You’re not good enough.” You developed this belief, because when you were younger, people constantly criticized you and that sunk into your subconscious mind where all of your beliefs are stored. If you have a subconscious belief that you’re not good enough, then you will very likely fail, because our subconscious mind is more powerful than our conscious mind. A belief like this will undoubtedly cause doubt.

Excuses: let’s say you are looking to get a promotion at work. When you think about this happening, you start to realize you are making excuses why it can’t happen. You tell yourself that there are people who work harder than you. You tell yourself that you haven’t been around long enough. You tell yourself that your boss favors only certain people and you aren’t one of them. Once you begin to recognize that you are making excuses, start writing them down and looking into them. You might ask “why not me?” As you meditate on this question and search for the reason you are making excuses, you may just find a limiting belief. This block could be along the lines of “I don’t deserve it.” You may have built up this belief because the people around you complain about being passed over for promotions. They complained about how it is nearly impossible for someone to get a promotion. Without meaning for them to, those words sunk into your subconscious mind, after so much repetition.

When you become clear of these negative beliefs, then amazing things start happening. Imagine what letting it will be like to let go of those beliefs that tie you down. Imagine feeling confident in yourself and your abilities. Imagine knowing you are good enough, you are worthy, and you do deserve what you want in this life. Imagine your ideal future being a reality, not just something to daydream about. When you become clear of your blocks, then you can live a life of your dreams and goals, instead of being stuck in a life of mediocrity. You really can have everything you want in this life. Often, the only thing that holds you back is you. You self-sabotage your dreams. All of this can change.

Once you become aware of these beliefs, it is time to replace them. The next session will go into not only helping you dig deeper, but also clearing them away.

Section 3: Step 3 - Powerful Visualization

To create this powerful visualization, you need to combine two pieces. First the visualization itself and second, positive emotion.


You are going to be visualizing what you were specific about (Step 1). You will add all of the detail possible. Any of the five senses that you can add is going to make it that much better. You will paint a vivid picture of it all. You will put yourself in that future you want to see. You will be living it in this visualization, putting yourself in that time when it is a reality, not a goal or dream. The more you add to this visualization, the better! We want to make this very powerful, because visualization is one step above your words and thoughts in manifesting what you want to see in your life.

Adding Positive Emotion:

This is the second part of making your visualization into a powerful tool for manifesting. I don’t know about you, but for me it can be a bit tricky to add positive emotion to something that hasn’t happened yet. What I do in these cases, is Barrow Emotion. The way to barrow emotion is to think back to an amazing experience. Think of a time when you felt on top of the world! Your energy was high, and your emotions were immensely positive. You think of this experience and can even talk about it out loud to more fully bring those previous emotions you felt to life. Once you are in that state of high energy, positive emotions, then you start your visualization and those positive emotions will be tied to that visualization.

Visualizations influence us far more than we realize and are even better in attracting what we want than thoughts and words. Here is one of the many stories that show how powerful visualization is.

There was a study done. They took a basketball team and split them up. Half of the team they had shooting free throws for practice. The other half of the team was sitting on the side visualizing themselves shooting those baskets. After several practices, enough time to see a difference, they brought the team back together. The whole team then shot free throws and something interesting happened. The ones who had only been visualizing, weren’t rusty or out of practice. In fact, they did just as well and even better in some cases than the ones who had actually been shooting the baskets. Wow! They had only been practicing in their minds and they did just as well! Our power of visualization is really something we need to use. We can practice situations beforehand and so much more. Visualization has many applications.

Section 4: Step 4 - Surrender to the Universe, or Your Higher Power

Step four goes in a bit different direction than the first four. Up until this point, it has all been you. Now, we are going to involve someone even greater than you. Step four is a very freeing step, it takes away a lot of the burden. I have come to realize through a lot of trial and error that no matter how many times I try, it is simply impossible for me to do more than I can do. It may sound a bit silly and obvious, but you can only do what you can do. For this reason, I love step four. Once you have done your part, you have done the first three steps and probably some other stuff along the way too, then you take a moment and let that be known. This is how you begin enlisting the help of something greater than yourself.

Sometimes there is a misconception about surrender, particularly when it come to the law of attraction. Many have the view that surrender means you just say “okay universe, your turn,” then walk away and forget about it. No, there is more to it than that. If you do this, then you only are doing a part of what needs to be done. If you just walk away or forget about it, then you won’t recognize the further direction that will soon come your way.

When you get to step four you are saying: “okay, I’ve done what I can, now I’m going to wait for you to give me further direction.” If you do this, then keep yourself open to the possibilities, you are going to get what you want, or something even better! I like to add “Or something better” whenever I put together what I want to attract, that way you don’t close off the possibility of something better. Often there are two ways direction will come to you.

1. You will simply be given what you want, or something better. It will just be dropped into your lap.

2. The second possibility, which I would argue is more common, has two parts. Ideas and opportunities. As you are looking for that further direction, you will recognize these opportunities and notice the ideas coming to mind. Once recognized, all that is left to do is act on those ideas and opportunities. Action is a huge part of the word attraction after all.

So, surrendering isn’t about just walking away and forgetting, no, it’s about being open and aware. It’s about looking for those ideas and those opportunities and then acting. Even when you get to step four you are still very involved in the creation process.

This is a very powerful process, it really is and if you follow it, it will work! The last thing I would have you be aware of, is that you don’t always get what you want exactly when you want it. Timing is involved. Let me illustrate this with a story. Whenever I had decided to buy a vehicle in the past, literally the same day, I would find a car. That happened multiple times. But after knowing more about the law of attraction and really focusing on what I wanted, I was having a harder time finding a car than any time before. It was rather frustrating! I couldn’t understand what the issue was. I couldn’t find anything! Even when I would find something, I would go to see it and they would sell it just before I arrived. Finally, after about 2 weeks, fourteen times longer than it had ever taken, I found a vehicle. Not only was it good, but the deal was far better than I thought I would ever have gotten. Thinking about it afterwards, I feel like I was having a hard time, just to stall me until the very best deal was available. Sometimes that is how it will be when you are trying to attract what you want. You will have to wait just a bit before it comes to us. You may have to wait for the pieces to fall into place. That said, don’t expect that to be the norm. It is very possible that as soon as you use this process, you will get exactly what you were looking for, or something even better. So, expect the best and if it doesn’t come immediately, just know that doesn’t necessarily mean you are doing it wrong. It could just be that a few pieces have to align first.

Full Example

1. Be specific about what you want

2. Free Yourself of Limiting Beliefs

3. Powerful visualization

4. Surrender to the universe, or your higher power

5. Inspired Action

1. I would really like to attract a good team member. I want them to have good communication skills and be teachable. They will be excited to spread our essential oils and even go above and beyond what I ask them. I will get along with them well. They will be a team player.

2. When I think about attracting this person, I’ve noticed a few excuses and fears showing up. I don’t feel like I deserve such a good team member. I’m not good enough for them. I’m afraid the past will repeat itself and I won’t get who I want. (Do clearings on these beliefs).

3. I am standing in my conference room with my team. There is hot Italian food in the back of the room on a table. It smells amazing. The room has windows on one side, letting in sunlight and there is a glass wall showing the hallway on the other side. There is a big table in the middle of the room that my team is sitting around. The room is warm, but not too hot and there is an excited energy buzzing around my team. All of them have their eyes locked on me and my newly attracted team member. We are giving a presentation together because we work so well together! We are teaching them how to put a vision of their goals together, so that they can be more successful in spreading our life changing product to the world. I can see the motivation in their eyes, and I am really excited myself, because I found the perfect team member to help me! (This is a description of what you could imagine. Putting yourself in a time when you already have what you wanted).

4. I had an idea come to mind, to ask my brother in law to refer me someone he knows. I also met one of my neighbors in the supermarket and he said he would like to talk to me more about my business some time. (step 4 is recording any ideas or opportunities you notice and then taking action).

5. I followed it. The person I was directed to wasn’t interested, but he referred me to someone else who seems perfect! I also went to my neighbor’s house and that turned into another perfect person to be on my team. (This step is all about following what you wrote down for step four. Taking inspired action!).

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