Life Behind Bars Vol. 1


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A stunning, educational portray of animals in captivity, that makes you feel like you are there.

Life Behind Bars vol. 1 by Julian Starks is this author’s first work. Julian is a photographer, filmmaker, and animal activist.

In this stunning portrayal of wildlife, Julian sets out to help the reader understand how he concluded that animals were safer in captivity behind bars, than the danger they would have if they were returned to the wild. The organizations that Julian portrays in his book are working together to keep species from extinction. As Julian describes each species, he also categorized them as vulnerable, endangered, near threatened, or of least concern to help the reader understand the plight of each species.

I absolutely loved the pictures in this book. They are very vivid, so vivid in fact, that you can imagine that you are standing right in front of the animals. While the book is about animals in captivity, from the pictures you do not actually see them as captives, for the most part. The pictures took me back to when we lived in Africa and then Asia, bringing forth quite a few memories of the animals we had opportunity to see there. I enjoyed reading about each animal that was featured and learning more about which ones are endangered and which ones are doing fine. There were several species that I had not heard of as well, so a very informative and educational book.

I read this book in the EPUB format and while the pictures were brilliant, I found the text difficult to read. Even after zooming in it was still exceedingly difficult to read. The black background with the white lettering would have worked better in this format if the font had been bigger. Hopefully in the book format it is easier to read.

I am giving this book a rating of 4/5 stars. If the book only had pictures it would have gotten five stars. The reason for the four-star rating is that the font was difficult to read on multiple pages. It was almost blurry, I just think the text needed to be a little bigger, then it would have been easier to read. Regardless, I enjoyed this book and believe that anyone who loves looking at beautifully photographs of animals will enjoy this book. The bonus is learning more about each animal, where they are found, and interesting facts about them. This is an eye-opening book and would make a wonderful addition to any household, school library, and public libraries.

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“My dream, thus mission in life is to travel the world and photograph beautiful, vibrant animals in all places and circumstances, free and confined.”
Julian Starks - 2018

I am a Los Angeles based Photographer, Filmmaker and Animal Activist writing on behalf of VISIONS OF THE WORLD Inc., my 501(c)(3) Non-Profit company. Our first project is “LIFE Behind Bars” Vol. 1, Fine Art Photography book. The book was titled after the photographic series that I started in order to honor the beauty of animals in captivity, and to support the many individuals and organizations that have dedicated themselves to caring and protecting these magnificent beasts.

Brilliant scientists, doctors, volunteers, activists and staff, working to save countless species from extinction.

I began my journey at Tippi Hedren’s SHAMBALA PRESERVE. I fell in love with the animals and the work that Tippi is doing there. This has truly been my inspiration! So much so, that Henson, Shambala’s Regal Male Lion, graces the front cover of this book. The book consist of 12 Zoos, Preserves and Sanctuaries, as well.

A percentage of all proceeds from the book; photos and all ancillary products will go to the sanctuaries and institutions featured within these pages.

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I am a Los Angeles based Photographer, Filmmaker and Animal Activist writing on behalf of VISIONS OF THE WORLD Inc., my 501(c)(3) Non-Profit company. My first project is “LIFE Behind Bars” Vol. 1, my first Fine Art Photography book. view profile

Published on July 20, 2020

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