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Life Balance: A Life Balance Approach To Reaching Your Goals and Changing Your Life


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Life Balance is invested in catapulting readers towards a sure path at arriving at their desired destinations.

This book is a manual on accomplishing the proverbial thousand-mile journey that begins with a first step. Doesn’t everyone love a good party with buddies? Paul W. Croswell, in his book Life Balance, urges his reader to regularly celebrate the small steps and seek out persons who share their interests as a means of achieving dreamt goals and maintaining the course towards accomplishing multiple goals. Croswell delivers a well-stocked toolkit based on his wealth of experience as a professional musician, record producer, husband, pastor, and survivor of sickle cell anemia.

The book offers readers access to a free accompanying workbook as a means of practicing and developing the recommended tools for preparing, journeying, and remaining on the course towards goal achievement.Life Balance examines four critical areas of life that must balance for a healthy body: personal, family, social, and career life. Croswell is invested in helping his readers succeed in mapping their ways to their desired destinations. The methodical planning for goal achievement and work-life balance as itemized in the 57 pages requires slow and steady digestion by the reader to attain maximum benefit.

Croswell’s book is ideal for persons who often procrastinate and cannot move from thinking of a dream to the stage of acting upon accomplishing the vision. His informal writing style and confident tone encourage the reader to stretch himself or herself to contemplate and develop a goal for each core area of his or her life. Croswell toolkit is full of edible and credible goodies to keep drifters and wanderers on track to their desired destinations.

I relish the practical guidelines this text offers, and I can readily identify with the focused and determined disposition that Croswell wishes to establish in his reader. This book has the power within its pages of making positive changes in the lives of individuals, families, and ultimately a nation.

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The Four Areas of Life

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Paul W. Croswell is a Life-Balance Coach and the creator of VIDA map, the work-life balance manager. Paul has spent almost a decade learning to tap into the power of Life-Balance and now he teaches others how to use it to reach their most intimidating goals, and live a deeply meaningful life. view profile

Published on December 18, 2020

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