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Life After Infertility


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Motherhood may come about in ways you never imagined. This doesn't make your journey less than. A child's hand will rest within your own.

A better gift, than this book, one would be hard pressed to find for those facing the uncertainties and heartbreak surrounding infertility. Here is one woman's story, and that of her husband and extended family, showing the different ways in which the miracle of motherhood may come about.

Motherhood is possible, in fact, I go so far as to say on that "Generationally linked, all women are mothers". Some of us hold babies in our arms while others of us don't; but, we all can. Sometimes, it's a matter of choice and sometimes it's choices that are forced upon us; but, we all may choose to mother those around us.

Mourn the life you wished, prayed, and hoped for. The one in which having children would come easily. Then, pick yourself up and look at the possibilities that remain to bring a child into your arms. Ultimately, it's not about a pregnancy, it's about hearing a child call you "Mom" and knowing that you have another person in your life who loves you unconditionally and who you're able to love unconditionally too. "We love because He first loved us" (I John 4:19).

"Life After Infertility" is well written, well meaning, intentional; it describes well the emotional roller-coaster, the uncertainty, the heartbreak and the joy. The high's and the low's and seeing God's hand within it all. We may never understand; but, we can still trust in His inherent goodness.

Words of faith, questions of science, and how both can coexist. Religious schools of thought entertained; but, also dismissed. Each journey is a couple's alone to take; and, decisions made are between them and God. Miracles and wonders are wrought in mysterious ways; and, often times the very thing we think we cannot do or accept is the way in which the story unfolds. Stories then that prove all things are possible with God.

Read this book and find hope. Miracles still happen all around us each day. Your story doesn't have to end in sadness. If you truly want to be a mother, a father, then, allow God to gently lead you until you find the way in which He has purposed for you to achieve the dream He has laid upon your heart. All is not lost; there will come a day when you hold your forever child in your arms.

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Published on May 10, 2020

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