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Liam & Maverick Fight Germs and Viruses: A Masked Superhero and his Loyal Assistant Uncover the Secrets to Fight the Pandemic


Loved it! 😍

Adorable read for kids that helps learn about safety measures to be observed during the pandemic. Add to your library as a useful resource.

Liam & Maverick Fight Germs and Viruses: A Masked Superhero and his Loyal Assistant Uncover the Secrets to Fight the Pandemic is a lovely book for kids – especially during a pandemic when children are spending time indoors, cooped inside their respective homes. This book helps explain what a pandemic is and what a virus is. It offers help and imparts knowledge which is easy to understand and comprehend for small children. The author, Molly Peterson, has beautifully explained the need to wear masks and the need of hand washing.

The plot is simple and endearing. Liam is a young boy who steps out with his pet dog Maverick to play with his friends. Even though he doesn't fully understand the gravity of the situation, neither does he understand the virus fully. Yet Liam complies with the instructions and follows them dutifully for the safety of his loved ones. When he reaches the park where his friends are playing he is shocked to see them flouting all rules. None of them has a mask and they aren't maintaining social distancing either. He goes up to them and asks about it. They reply that one does not need to wear mask outside. When Liam tells them otherwise they laugh at him and ignore him. Liam then takes it into his own hands, along with his faithful dog Maverick, to teach his friends about the virus and how to be safe for the sake of our loved ones.

A delightful and engaging book from the start. The author has made sure that all details are well met for the prerequisite of a children's book. The font size is just correct for reading and it's written in capitals, making it easy for children of any age to read. The language is very simple and easy to understand. The illustrations in the book just add more charm to the text and make the book self-explanatory.

I would recommend this book to all parents and librarians since it helps understand not just the pandemic, the virus and safety. It also imparts other important lessons and values like friendship, discipline, obedience, courage and love for our elders.

It is a fetching and endearing book that all elders would enjoy with young children.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange of honest review of the book. My views are my own and are not biased or influenced by the author or publisher.

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A pandemic changed the world overnight... Now what?

How do I talk to my children about it? How can I explain what they've gone through in a kid-friendly way?

Moving forward... How can I help them prepare for a potential "future wave" of the pandemic, while still giving them hope for their future?

Liam & Maverick, Fight Germs and Viruses is a fun and simple book designed to explain this new situation to children in a non-threatening way, and show them that life under social distancing is not as scary as they might think. In the wake of a pandemic, everyone's world has been turned upside down. Children have not been able to go to school or see friends. This book aims to help them to understand that! Not only about the current pandemic, but germs in general! It encourages and explains the importance of hand washing and explains why it is important to stay safe at home, even though it can be hard to be away from friends! Children will feel more comfortable wearing their masks once they understand the importance of protecting their Grandparents, and the rest of the elderly population who are at greater risk than others.

About the author

Molly is a 46 years old mother of three. She always enjoyed writing and drawing as a child, but it was not until she had children of her own that she began to write with the thought of being published. Besides writing for children, Molly works as a Kindergarten teacher. view profile

Published on October 10, 2020

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