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A life-long pursuit of self-improvement by introspecting on one's life journey and embracing correction where one has failed

We are truly wise if we learn from our mistakes. We are all flawed by nature and prone to doing things wrong, but when we acknowledge past mistakes, embrace correction, and resolve not to repeat them (i.e., mistakes), we improve ourselves and become better people for the future. This is the theme of CJ Lacsican's book, Let Yourself Be—improving ourselves by introspecting on our past mistakes and correcting them as quickly as we can.

In this short book, as she journeys through her past, the author allows the inner restlessness she experienced to brim over onto the pages. As she represents you and me, she gives expression to our emotional baggage too—fears, feelings of inadequacy, unanswered questions, effects of abuse or emotionally devastating events in the past, relationship breakdowns, etc.—those emotions that build up inside us and pour out when we can't keep them to ourselves anymore. Why am I here? What does life expect from me? I’m a child who doesn't have one parent—how will that affect my future? Will it make me emotionally vulnerable (or dwarfed) in any way? What are my fears? What do I want to become? Am I a person whom life's circumstances has twisted into someone else or am I truly free, living out the life I want to? And many more!

This is a simple book of everyday wisdom but of profound relevance. The author shares the introspection of her own life's journey and how she improved herself by continuously correcting her faults. She believes that she has been able to live a vastly more satisfying and happy life by doing so. She calls upon her readers to do the same believing that they too will be able to reap the same rewards of a far more enjoyable, fulfilling, and rewarding life by following her example.

Let Yourself Be has a gentle tone. It is not judgemental or critical. It does not provoke. It attempts to persuade after discussing a problem situation and explaining why the author chose the specific response she finally did in those circumstances. I recommend it to all who are failing in life and wondering why? Let Yourself Be will help you introspect on your life and turn you into a winner by helping you discover your faults and remedying them. You'll also be treated to her beautiful, personally taken photographs of some major world locations that are included in the book.

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CJ Lacsican is an experienced change/transformation professional, strategist, and operations executive with a demonstrated history of success working in the financial services industry. CJ has spent the majority of her working life in international pursuits; starting in Asia and currently in Europe. view profile

Published on January 18, 2020

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