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Learning Together With Sally and Kate


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A snowman-themed educational book that teaches shapes, numbers, and the names of objects found in daily life

Learning Together with Sally and Kate uses the common activity of building a snowman to teach children about different shapes like circles and triangles, along with concepts like big and small.

Through making the eyes, nose, and mouth of the snowman, children can learn about numbers and objects found in everyday life, such as raisins, carrots, and twigs. Complex shapes such as hexagon, diamond, heart, oval, and star are also discussed.

The end of the book offers children the opportunity to draw their own snowmen using the various shapes they have learned. There's plenty of space for them to express their imagination. This is the best feature of this book!

The layout is clean and clutter-free. The text is big and bold however, the choice of font could have been better. A serif font or a sans-serif font will improve readability. Although I think this book is meant to be read out by the parent or the educator, if a child wants to read, he/she may find it difficult.

The illustrations fill the entire page and the text is on a different page. I looked at a pdf version of the book, but I'm assuming that the pictures and the text lie side by side in the physical version. The drawings have clean lines, but the colors appear washed out. I feel they could have been brighter.

Overall, this is a fun activity book that can help your child learn to identify shapes and draw them.

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Sally and Kate are the best of friends, and they want to show you that Learning is fun! Join them as they teach your children the basic shapes for building a snowman, of course, while having a blast! Learning Together WIth SAlly and Kate is a fun little book for teaching basic bath concepts to little children.

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Hi, my name is Sarah Taber, I am married with four children two boys and two girls, with ages ranging from 3-16 years of age. I currently work as a daycare teacher. I believe that learning how to read is the most important thing one can ever learn. So have fun dong it! ... view profile

Published on July 20, 2020

Published by Dorrance Publishing Company

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