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LAW OF ATTRACTION & EFFECTION: The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation


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Economics and Spirituality collide in this guide to wealth. I'm not entirely convinced it works

Vinod Reghunathan's self-help guide, LAW OF ATTRACTION & EFFECTION: The Secret Ingredient to Wealth Creation is a book of two halves. In the first half, Reghunathan covers the basic principles of business growth, including leveraging scale and impact. He refers to this as the Law of Effection. The writing here is economically-minded; it makes strong statements, backed-up with real world case studies of large industries who have leveraged some of the principles to great effect. The second half is more spiritual, focusing on The Law of Attraction. The Law of Attraction is a broad philosophic principle founded on the manta that positive thoughts breeds positive actions. Guidance in this part of the book include how to ask the universe for guidance and the art of practising gratitude to others. Case studies focus on individual personalities from popular culture.

Before going much further I am going to tackle the elephant in the room. The word "effection" is not in the English dictionary. When I entered "Law of Effection" into a generic search engine the results were limited to say the least; after three webpages from non-reputable sources I'm directed to the Law of Effect, a concept that bears no relation to Economics. Without supporting clarification, Reghunathan's choice of title seems clumsy and would put off a lot of perspective readers.

Perhaps unsurprisingly for a book covering the disciplines of Economics and Philosophy, the two halves of LAW OF ATTRACTION & EFFECTION are very contrasting. While the first section offers practical advise on maximising potential, profit and growth, the second half advises the reader on positivity and gratitude. According to Reghunathan, it is only through application of both elements that the reader can obtain financial success, however the fundamental differences between the two halves of the book mean the pairing does not quite marry up.

Each half of Reghunathan's self-help guide is well-written and the content engaging, but combined the book suffers from being overly broad in outlook. The two-for-the-price-of-one approach did not work for me; I would have rather read two books.

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The Law of Effection and Wealth Creation

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Vinod Reghunathan is a tenacious entrepreneur, author, and cryptocurrency specialist with a lifelong passion for technology-centered business. Through the Law of Attraction, he empowers people to achieve lasting financial prosperity. view profile

Published on July 12, 2022

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