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Last Chance to Save American Democracy


Loved it! 😍

Intriguing book with food for thought about government, economy, and climate.

This was an intriguing book to review. I have become more interested in politics over the past few years as I've gotten older and better able to think about how policies affect not just me, but my family, and also the larger community as a whole. One thing that I think is lacking in a lot of political dialogue is the ability to explore things from different viewpoints and thoughtfully listen to things with which we don't agree.

This book didn't align 100% with what I believe or the opinions I hold, but it was still a very intriguing book to read. I found myself agreeing with much of what the author said on some topics, especially in regards to climate change. And reading this book was interesting timing, because my husband and I (both moderates) have been talking about some of the ways that democracy can be threatened and has been threatened by extremists.

However, unlike the author, I don't think we're quite in the "last chance." I think that there are a lot of issues that certainly deserve attention, but I also think that there are checks and balances, and enough people who truly believe in a functioning democracy, for it to falter in our generation.

The book provides a lot of food for thought in terms of economics, climate change, and politics, showing how some issues connect with each other more than people sometimes think, and worst-case scenarios that would have a significant negative effect on our country. It's easy to read, although I do get a little bit turned off by language that implies that we're on the brink of total disaster (I get that things are urgent, but I am a little more optimistic than that and sometimes get turned off by the potential shock value of ultra dire language). Other than that, I thought the book was worth a read with an open mind, if for no other reason than to expand viewpoints and challenge ways of thinking.

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