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Inspirational and sensational! The diety, the legend, of Krishna and Kuchela, intersects in modernity; Lord-willing, global-change ensues!

My only critique in regards to the story shared within Kuchela.AI is I wished for it to have been longer! I craved more background in regards to the development of the friendship shared between the main protagonist and his best friend. I also desired more time to have been spent with the main protagonist's grandfather, his Tatha, as his Grandpa's words extended wisdom at every turn. Insights and foreknowledge abound, if you take the time to fully appreciate and notice them.

This book is rich and packs much within it's 114 pages. It will leave you gutted, with the worst imaginable news, only to uplift you in the end. Stark reminders to seize each day and to give freely no matter the cost.

This book is inspiring and will make you want to do something! You'll be googling Kuchela.AI and looking for the app! You'll be left wanting more! What can you do? How can you help? How can you become a part of the solution rather than continuing to contribute to the problems.

You will be convicted. In westernized society, it's easy to get caught up into ones own bubble. Sometimes we forget that we're a part of a global community. "To whom much is given, much will be required" (Luke 12:48). How can you become the Krishna to the Kuchela's in the world? There shouldn't be a separation based upon wealth other than for those who are wealthy to share from their well with those in need. Not by mandates but through honest, joy-filled generosity and conscientious giving.

As a woman, I appreciated the main protagonist's view of his wife. Her role was not at the forefront of this story and yet was incredibly critical and pivotal. The main protagonist is impressed by her inherent abilities and realizes that she has been one who studies life. She knows those within her care better than they know themselves. Despite the busyness of the main protagonist, their's is a beautiful marriage of mutual respect that should be acknowledged, celebrated, and may be utilized for others to model themselves after.

I can't recommend this book enough! I suggest you take the time to sit with it and absorb it's words, see through to the impetus behind them, allow yourself to be changed by them, convicted, and encouraged! Remember: We're all meant to do our part to change the world.

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Sagar Anisingaraju currently works as Chief Strategy Officer at Saama Technologies, USA. Kuchela.AI emerged out of his work experience, belief, and passion that advances in artificial intelligence have a significant role to play in improving human productivity across all walks of life. view profile

Published on August 08, 2020

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