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Kissing the Kavalier


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A riveting historical romance that does not shy away on topics related to mental health, gender roles, and the meaning of trust.

When it comes to choosing historical romance stories, it can be hard to find one that delivers exceptional plot development, likable characters, thought-provoking lessons, and intimate scenes. Kissing the Kavalier meets all of the requirements for an engaging story.

Our heroine Zdenka dresses like a gentleman in order to help her sister Arabella with her debut in Vienna. Zdenka longs to go back to her farm that has been part of her family for generations. But in order to do so, she must help her sister find the perfect husband that will help solve the family's financial problems due to her father's gambling habits. Easy, right? Except that Zdenka meets the alluring yet brooding Lieutenant Matteo, who recently came back from the war. Plagued with nightmares and visions from the violence he encountered during the war, he decides to take a chance in love by befriending Zdenka in hopes he'll get closer to Arabella. In retrospect, Zdenka (while dressed as a man) falls in love with Matteo through a series of letters.

As I've witnessed the journey between Zdenka and Matteo, it becomes clear that each of them has their own expectations in living with their own truths about their pasts and finding a middle ground in making their relationship work. For one, Zdenka knows well the discrimination women faced when presenting themselves in society. She is an intelligent woman and a free spirit who is willing to do anything to fight for her loved ones, even if it'll cost her own reputation. Matteo is a soldier who suffers from PTSD and wants to do what's right in the name of honor.

However, he couldn't fathom telling Zdenka the truth about his past due to the guilt he felt during his time at the war. Their relationship challenges the notion of the meaning of trust and how far they'll go to tie up loose ends.

Aside from the lush imagery, what stands out in the story is the character development. I feel that each of the characters was given adequate backstories without making anyone feel left out. The flow of the story was well-paced and I found myself enraptured in the world that Annette Nauraine created, which allowed me to spend time with her beloved characters.

Overall, this is a timeless love story worth adding to your TBR list. Highly recommend!

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Author Bio Annette Nauraine is a wife, recovering opera singer, mom of two, Doodle mom, lover of music, books, history, opera, and dogs. She spends her time trying to keep ahead of everything life has to offer and enjoying love and laughter. view profile

Published on February 28, 2021

100000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Historical Romance

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