Kingdom of Spades Book 1: The Flop


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A perfect novella for romance readers who enjoy a little spice in their stories, along with just enough drama to hook you!

Kingdom of Spades Book 1: The Flop is a modern-day novella featuring 23-year-old Alex Wade as the main character. With no plan for the future other than not following the traditional expectations of a boring life, Alex sets off to Las Vegas to find adventure and fun that he knows he will never find with a boring 9-5.

Meeting Vinnie Demarco was a total game-changer for Alex once he arrived in Vegas. Nothing had being going as planned and he found himself out of money and with no where to go pretty quickly. Vinnie introduced him to the world of poker playing and eventually he started seeing some of his hard work in the game play off. Women came and went, and although Alex enjoyed his time with them, none of the experiences felt right for him and he was soon venturing off to the next. That is, until he met Emilia. With the introduction of Emilia’s character, it was clear to me as the reader that the feelings he experienced when she was around were much different than with the other girls. Will he be able to keep her around, or will his player tendencies keep Alex from finding the once-in-a-lifetime shot with the girl who makes him happier than he’s imagined?

This one was a really fun read for me. It was light and quick, though it still had enough drama and suspense to keep me interested through the end. I finished this one in one sitting, easily done at 50 Kindle edition pages. Although Alex initially seemed like the kind of irritating, cocky man I would avoid, his character developed and deepened throughout the story into someone who I was rooting for a happy ending for. Although this one was the first in a series, I found it read very well as a stand-alone, though I do have plans to continue on with the series now that I feel invested in Alex’s story.

I’m pleased to rate Kingdom of Spades Book 1: The Flop 5 stars and would recommend it for any reader who is looking for a light novella to enjoy. The romance, drama, and adjustment themes in the book were well-depicted and I found the story to be pleasant and enjoyable throughout. As a reader’s discretion warning and due to some explicit language and descriptive sexual scenes, I would recommend this one only for mature readers.

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Published on June 12, 2020

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