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Killer Case Files: 20 Shocking True Crime Stories Volume 1


Loved it! 😍

This page-turner will lure you into true crimes you may not have heard of before. You'll be watching your back while looking ahead for more.

While I personally prefer true crime stories that are told more thoroughly from beginning to end as stand-alone books one case at a time, this book was an easy four stars for me to give because of its unique, illustrated way of how each chapter begins. It provides a uniformity and a break between each true crime shared that lends itself to professionalism that is appealing and pleasing to the eye.

While there are a few baubles, typos, and information within that doesn't quite line up perfectly, for the majority of readers these errors are slight and may go unnoticed. However, the slight errors were enough for me to take off a star from my rating while letting it remain a solid four-star read despite these things.

I felt as though the information shared of these true crimes was presented, for the most part, with a definite start and end. It was thoughtful of this author to present a bit more about the victims and their families beyond just the crimes in which they found themselves unfortunately entwined. The only negative to this was each chapter began to be somewhat repetitious in nature as this author seems to have a formula down in how each chapter is laid out and subsequent information shared. For example, rather than each true crime chapter ending for the most part in similar fashion, with words along the lines of "for the victim's family no amount of prison time will bring their loved one back," or some other somber rendering, it would be nice if the pattern of laid out material was periodically changed up. I think a pattern that wasn't so predictable would lend itself to the chaotic nature of most criminals and crimes committed and somehow become the backbone that would set up this type of book just right.

While this book does not necessarily leave me raving, or singing its praises from the highest of heavens, this author has struck upon a genre of writing that is intriguing, enlightening, and does afford us all insight into how and what we might be mindful of as we live our lives. Not to be fearful or wary at all times but also not to turn a blind eye, to be aware of our surroundings, and the subtle shifts that may take place around us that act as warnings, insights, and/or foreboding discernment to be acted upon.

A book that can become a sold out series that may not run deep but provides enough at the surface level for others to come back to and drink from its waters, (or rather words), again and again. Not murky but clear, not sensationalized but dry, and yet somehow the dry with the clear works to present facts that aren't cold and hard but well endowed without the full figure being exposed. Just enough to tantlize and to make you want to dig in further to the cases, on your own, that especially catch your eye.

Kudos to this author as she continues to travel and unearth tales of true crime; when darkness is brought to light, the darkness is defeated. Praying for more darkness to be exposed so that light can rule the day one story at a time.

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Amazon best-selling author Jamie Malton is an American, non-fiction writer. She is the author of Killer Case Files: Jamie Malton’s Best True Crime Series which is an anthology of crime stories where the author examines the homicides perpetrated by murderers and serial killers. view profile

Published on August 01, 2022

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