Kids Can Change The World!


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"Kids Can Change The World!" is an action-adventure comic book that teaches children to be environmentally conscious.

Pollution, on land and in our waters, is a global issue. It harms those who call marine areas home and their visitors. Kids Can Change The World! by Ben Goldstein begins with a Thoreau getting cut by sharp glass while he was riding the waves. The test tube was not the only piece of harmful material that washed up on shore that day, and because of it, the beach had to be closed. For those who live near beaches or visited one, you might've seen unnecessary debris darkening the sands and waters. It's a problem that needs addressing now.

Kids Can Change The World! discusses one pollutant, six-pack rings that hold cans or bottles together. Did you know they can get caught around the necks and beaks of birds? Or fish and small seals can get caught up in them, too? The World Patrol Kids vow to make a difference. They are on a mission to clean up their beach and stop illegal dumpers from dumping barrels of toxic waste in the ocean. 

Kids Can Change The World! is an action-adventure comic book that teaches children to be environmentally conscious. It had suspense and intense interactions between the good guys and the villains. There were styling mistakes, such as grainy text in the digital file. There were also punctuation placement inconsistencies, as sometimes the ending punctuation was next to the final word of the sentence, and sometimes there was a noticeable space between the two. 

Kids Can Change The World! by Ben Goldstein is perfect for elementary school age and older. It offers educational material on why pollution is harmful and how to prevent it. It even includes interactive activities: puzzles, dot-to-dot, a science experiment, and a recipe for making homemade cleaners. 

Pick up your copy today and help change the world! 

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When medical waste washes ashore ruining their beach, the World Patrol Kids set out to track down the criminals causing the problem. The World Patrol Kids are a multi-ethnic, crime-solving, environmental kids' singing and dancing group (aged 10-14) that takes on polluters, climate change, and traffickers in endangered species. Their fast-paced adventures are perfect for middle-grade readers and up. Each comic adventure story comes with an activity section that includes, crossword puzzles, games, and more.

About the author

Ben Goldstein has written for children of all ages. He is the author of the middle-grade novellas, “The Adventures of the World Patrol Kids,” & "Rosa and Mee," and the World Patrol Kids’ comic /activity book series. Other children's books include "Looice," "Been Dere?" & "Looice in the Stargarden." view profile

Published on June 26, 2023

Published by Filmus, Inc.

2000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Children's

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