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Kicking Financial Ass: Punch Debt in the Face, Invest for the Future, and Retire Early!


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Dumont enlightens readers with how easy and rewarding managing your finances can be with his self-help guide, Kicking Financial Ass.

Money is the root cause or the underlying cause of most marriage failures and downfalls. We hear this time and time again, but what does that mean? Is everyone greedy? Is everyone so focused on money that they can’t see anything else? The one word that describes this whole syndrome would be ignorance. While ignorance isn’t always bliss as others like to quote, ignorance to how money should be obtained and used as a way to get to your end goal in life is the key that Dumont is urging readers to understand. Yes, money can buy wonderful things. Yes, money can make you happy for a little while, but ultimately, you want something else that fuels that lifeboat until it gets to the shore.

Within this self-help guide for maintaining your finances successfully, Dumont discusses several pain points including the most obvious and basic needs first, like accounts. What types of accounts should an individual open in preparation of making the best decisions about their financing. How much of an individual’s income should be allocated into each account every month? While this is all very speculative and based solely on imaginative numbers, Dumont does portray a fairly accurate amount of examples that will help the reader understand how they take their income at whatever level that is and turn it into portions for spending, saving, emergency, investment, and retirement—not necessarily in that order, of course. Dumont also dives into more information that young adults should technically be taught in school, but for some reason—this is not always the case—which is why readers need this book. Financial health is going to take you all the way through life, so why don’t they teach this?

Dumont identifies most of the major key players in maintaining a long and happy life with a bright financial outlook. He also does a fantastic job of including those things that creep up, which no one ever plans for or wants—like medical bills or funerals. The section early on within the book about knowing the differences between being frugal and being cheap are especially important because this allows the reader to begin seeing money differently. This will ultimately get the reader to understand how they can cut back on the things that they spend without taking away from their happiness. Overall, this self-help guide on mastering your finances is geared toward younger adults, but can be a major help to an older audience who may still struggle with budgeting and more. It is highly influential with some great information and most importantly, accurate and completely credible.

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to Kicking Financial Ass by Paul Christopher Dumont.

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Chris Dumont is the founder of MoneySensei.com, a personal finance hub that helps people become debt-free. For nearly a decade, he has worked in finance learning both inside and outside the classroom the fundamentals of personal finance. view profile

Published on August 06, 2019

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