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Kevin the Dodo in The Dinosaurs are Late


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How the boat builders, Betty and Bob, set out to rescue themselves and all the animals that they love from rising sea levels.

The picture book, Kevin the Dodo in The Dinosaurs Are Late, written by Andy Statham and Alan Dickson, tells of how the boat builders, Betty and Bob, decide to build a large boat, in which they can escape pending floods, together with all the animals that they intend to rescue. The intrepid dodo, Kevin, volunteers to collect all the stragglers. How he sets about doing so and what happens then forms the major thrust of this fun story that, nevertheless, has a deep and resounding meaning for all human and animal life currently residing on this planet. As the book reveals, how our present behavior impacts on such critical elements as climate change, rising sea levels and the loss of natural habitat is of key importance to our continued well-being.

The colorful, full-page illustrations are bright and cheerful, with the text being clear and in conventional type font. The human and animal characters are easy to relate to, consisting of the young couple, Betty and Bob, and a multitude of animals that are all skillfully drawn.  Kevin the Dodo also appears in Kevin the Dodo in the Washing Machine, by the same authors. Both works were first published in 2020.

Kevin the Dodo in The Dinosaurs Are Late should appeal to all youngsters who enjoy exciting tales of adventure that include likable human characters. Adult caregivers should read the Kevin the Dodo books together with their young charges, as they each deal with a separate issue that is likely to impact on their lives. The narration in each instance is highly accessible and presented in such a way as to spark conversation between caregiver and child about the issue at stake. To stimulate such discussion, each book ends with a list of highly relevant questions on the particular issue covered.

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Temperatures are rising, the seas are rising, the land is under threat. Bob and Betty build a big boat to save themselves and all the animals but ... where are the dinosaurs? Kevin the Dodo sets off in search of the missing creatures. He finds them enjoying themselves on a tropical island. Will he be able to persuade them to seek safety before the storms strike?

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Brought up in UK but lived and worked in Hong Kong for many years, first as a teacher, later running my own business. Working on a project to provide context for discussing world issues, e.g. climate change, and other educational topics, I started to write stories. Out of this grew Kevin the Dodo. view profile

Published on July 14, 2020

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