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Katie Watson and the Painter's Plot


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Recommended for those who like their time travel spiced up with murderous intrigue.

Katie Watson is just the sort of character I enjoy most: a sassy twelve year old in search of adventure, who also likes to read. When the story opens, she’s dreading what she thinks will be a boring summer, and sulking over a forced separation from her favorite horse and older brother. Then her English grandparents take her to tour a local castle, where Katie’s wish for adventure propels her back through a magic painting into the 1600s. She is discovered by Princess Sophia, a girl her own age, and they instantly become friends (because the princess is sassy too).

There’s a bit too much scene-setting in the beginning, but once we go back in time it’s a grand romp through the old castle, complete with secret doors and dining details (for both servants and royalty). There’s also a wild horse, plenty of lords and ladies, and a shocking murder. 

While the some of the plot devices are a bit cliché, there are enough unique twists and historical details to add depth and keep the story from becoming too predictable. The ending is a perfect example of why predictable is still satisfying; Katie defies personal danger to stand up for what’s right, but she also slays some personal demons along the way. Though I did spot a few minor typos and grammatical issues, they didn't interfere with a great read. Though this is written for a middle grade audience, I'd recommend it for readers of any age who like their time travel spiced up with murderous intrigue. 

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Published on December 10, 2017

Published by River Otter Books

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