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Juxtapose and Sarsaparilla Jump to the Moon


Not for me 😔

The book is meant to be educational and fun but there's too much information. It's an overload and takes away from the fun of the story.

I love the premise of this story. The fact that the author created these stories along with his son and his son's imagination makes me so joyful! But it almost seems like the author decided that the book couldn't be just fun. I think there is too much additional educational information. For example, I like the idea of having some extra vocabulary in a story. But not several per page. And I like the idea of teaching science in a fun way. But in this story, the scientific explanations of things just took away from the story. It just doesn't seem like a "real" book. It literally seems like a dad just wrote down his son's story one day and added in some big words and scientific facts to make it seem a bit more "proper"; almost like he is trying too hard. The story would have been great without all the excess stuff.

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I am a book fanatic!! I used to do book reviews on my blog but I stopped when the publishers decided to close down the programs. I am faithful about reading the books quickly so the authors can get feedback as soon as possible.


Isaac Aeppli's Juxtapose and Sarsaparilla Jump to the Moon! is about two loveable characters who use their magical powers to travel to the moon. The adventure begins with both figuring out how they could go to the moon. They travel to the moon and explore the original site of the moon landing. It ends with Juxtapose and Sarsaparilla coming back to earth to a surprise their parents set up for their landing. Then they go to bed. Good night, all.

About the author

Isaac Aeppli is an accountant. He served in Iraq. His son, Jacob, was instrumental in the creation of this book. During the evenings, Isaac and Jacob would discuss space adventures, with two of Jacob's stuffed animals into stories about space travel. Those stories became an inspiration for the book. view profile

Published on August 08, 2019

Published by Covenant Books

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