Justin and Benja’s Adventures in Dignity Village


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A powerful book with a timely message and a shining spark of hope for asylum seekers and their loved ones.

Justin and Benja’s Adventures in Dignity Village written by Marsha Ralston is one of those rare books that can capture your interest instantly. I know because I immediately wanted to read it after I saw its preview. There’s something about the book’s theme that tugs at your heart, speaks to your conscience and urges you to make a difference in other people’s lives. Many times, there is no better way to see things than to see them from the eyes of children.

As the story narrates the current life of Justin and Benja, children who have fled from their own country together with their families, the reader is able to immerse oneself in the difficult life of asylum seekers. It is hard enough to escape from violence and other dangers from your own land, but it is also difficult to adapt to a new culture and to patiently wait for the next thing that could happen while you endure harsh living conditions.

Living in a tent, finding it hard to get water, not knowing when the next arrival of necessary supplies would be, these are just some of the things that could trigger anxiety even for mature adults. How much more for children who have experienced the trauma of being separated from home and loved ones?

In a way, however, it is the blessing of children to be in constant awe at the wonders and adventures still available to them. Everyday chores can be treated as play. Hardships are overcome through friendship and the support of loved ones. And the rest can be surrendered in faith for those who continue to believe through it all.

This is a book that can help children who are suffering a similar plight to know that they are not alone. It would also help them discover ways to bear the difficulties they’re going through.

Both the narrative and the illustrations of this book work together to bring about a powerful message for adults and children alike. Two thumbs up for a work that brings inspiration, courage and strength. May this book open the eyes of others to the suffering of asylum seekers. May it pave the way for new doors to open, new hands to help and new channels to spur a positive change in the lives of those who need it most.

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What happens to children when families are forced to live in tents for many months at a time? This is a day in the life about two boys and the resilience they show after being uprooted from their respective homes and countries. They learn from their parents in believing in God, helping others, and staying a family, this keeps them smiling.

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Marsha Ralston is a retired x-ray tech who loves to write and volunteer with different charities. when she is not busy, Marsha enjoys her family, playing with her dogs, and taking photos of nature. Marsha believes in "paying it forward" to help others less fortunate. view profile

Published on December 28, 2020

Published by Christian Faith Publishing

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