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Jumping on the Drips


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Snapshots of human experience with a hint of uncanny. Each story will linger in your mind well after you have read them.

Snapshots of human experience with a hint of uncanny. This is what author Eda Kara captures in her collection of short stories. Whether they experience simple moments or alter their life’s course, each character creates ripples on their journey. Some ripples spread into the greater unknown while others converge for a moment before drifting apart once more. 

Poetically written and layered with meaning, each story strikes a magical balance between clarity and ambiguity that causes them to linger in your mind well after you have read them. Though they appear simple at first glance, you cannot shake the feeling that there is a lot more to be discovered. I frequently found myself re-reading some of the earlier stories as my understanding shifted so that I could experience them with different insights. It is one of those rare pieces that can be experienced differently with each read through. I not only highly recommend you read this collection, but that you also revisit it for an even better experience.

As a reader, I enjoy pieces that make me think and allow me to figure things out on my own. The stories in this collection capture brief moments of different characters’ experiences rather than telling  a complete and cohesive tale. The author does a great job subtly tying some of the stories together and creating the sense that everything is somehow connected. However, there is no big “ah ha!” moment where everything becomes clear. Where this allows every reader to have a different experience, it also might not be for everyone. If you are a reader that likes everything to be fully developed and tie up neatly at the end, this might not be the collection for you. 

Overall, this stands out as one of the best collections I have read. If you are looking for a meaningful read that makes you think and reflect, this is the perfect one for you!

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As a teacher and writer, I have a deep appreciation for books of all kinds. To me, stories are not just an escape, but a way to help us explore parts of ourselves we might have never discovered. Through my reviews, I hope to give my fellow writers a boost and make their stories known.


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Eda Kara, Turkish-born American writer, completed an engineering degree at Boğazici University in Istanbul. Her academic life continued with studies at Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey. She has built a career in technology. She lives with her daughter in Glen Ridge, New Jersey. view profile

Published on April 09, 2021

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