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Wow. I loved the descriptions in this book. Glimpse what it might be like to navigate the course on a 1,600-pound Grand Prix gelding.

Wow. I loved the descriptions in this book. Take a trip to Wellington and imagine what it might be like to navigate a course atop a 1,600-pound Grand Prix gelding during a world-class equestrian festival by picking up Tiffany Chacon’s sweet romance, Jump.

Setting the stage by opening the novel with a glossary of horse terms is a sure sign things are about to get seriously horsy, and they do! But even for those less than familiar with show horses, Chacon does a beautiful job inviting readers into the story, making the glossary more of a fun feature than a necessary reference.

The novel’s narrator, 21-year-old Mila, has much on her mind, mainly relating to her sister’s accident and subsequent paralysis. Chacon deftly handles the trauma with touching scenes that will stick with me. And Mila’s struggle is made more impactful by her growth throughout the book.

Unfortunately, the romance didn’t resonate as much as I’d hoped. Relying on a love triangle, it was my least favorite aspect. At the outset, Mila’s boyfriend of two years has recently dumped her without explaining why. She’s trying to win him back, which offers compelling conflict, except he’s not a nice guy during the early pages. While there are a couple of references to times they were happy, I had a hard time understanding why she wanted him back and frequently wished for more depth to help me see the value in what she was fighting to regain. When feelings for her ex create conflict with her new love interest, it’s easy to get frustrated with Mila.

This doesn’t take away from the novel’s enticing aspects, including some great quotes, like: “Sometimes you just have to borrow other people’s faith in you.”

Descriptions like “all the sounds of a barn— stomping, snorting, tail swishing. And I wonder why no one has added ‘barn sounds’ to a white noise app.”

Or the extremely well-written action scenes while Mila is attuned to Cyrus and competing in a sport she loves. You’ll have to read Jump yourself to get a feel for the exceptional writing in those moments. I'm sure you will love it.

Overall, Jump is a sweet romance poised to capture hearts!


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