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Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide


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A quest novel like no other, which brings together a wonderous blend of creatures, both familiar and strikingly fresh. Action-packed!

In this fantastical, action-centric first instalment, the collaborative force of ForgeFiction brings us ‘Journeys Through Faladon: The Titan Divide’. A quest novel like no other, which brings together a wonderous blend of creatures, both familiar and strikingly fresh. The golem-esque, stone giant named Ürbon begins his journey attempting to free his kin from elvish capture, ending up entangled within an ancient prophecy and a quest that will traverse continents and put both him (and the rag-tag group of comrades collected along the way) to the ultimate test. If you love epic fantasy battles, magic, fearsome rivals and gory bloodshed, you have come to the right place! 


This is primarily an action-adventure novel set in a fantastical domain with a plot that is extremely quick to get going and fast-paced throughout. From the first page you become immersed in this beautifully diverse array of characters and locations, keeping you entertained consistently. (Perfect for reading within a single sitting.) The world building was impressive. I loved how varied each culture and dwelling was, helping to maintain the reader’s interest and making the novel hard to put down. I also adored the portrayal of female characters within the novel. They were strong, possessed some depth and were not explicitly sexualised or simply used as “the love interest” with no further role in the plot. This is surprisingly rare in epic fantasy, so I commend the authors on this! (However, I must note that the book does not pass the Bechdel Test.) I loved the female characters so much that I actually wanted MORE from them! I wanted them to hold greater presence within the story and perhaps even take command of a few chapters! I also wanted more information and background on the main characters, I felt they significantly lacked character development and wish their backstories were fleshed out further. Furthermore, I would have liked the socio-political and cultural elements developed further as well, as the snippets we received were really well done.


The main drawback, apart from the general issue with concision, lengthy sentences and a sprinkling of typographical errors, was the lack of character development, as mentioned above. This affected the reader’s emotive ties to characters and impacted the ability to care about what happened to them. Additionally, I think it may have provided a nice buffer between action-sequences. On the other hand, we seemed to get in-depth background on less significant places and characters, as well as the inclusion of sections focusing on the point of view of one of the minor characters. This felt a little futile and I think the space could have been used to further develop our main characters. At times, sections did feel a little disjointed and the influence of multiple writers was clear. The chapters felt quite distinct and the novel tried to cover too many ideas. I think the scope could have been narrowed, which may have aided the issue with development. Finally, the plot line seemed to go off on a tangent and I found it unbelievable that the protagonist would be swept up in these other adventures, almost forgetting his own priorities and mission. Although, I understand that some of this may be intended as material for exploration in subsequent novels and provides a more entertaining plot line.


To summarise, I simply think I wanted more novel! I would not say that this is, wholeheartedly, a bad conclusion to make, hence my rating.  I enjoyed what I had read so much that I wanted even more and was excited to see the hints already in place for the sequels! Moreover, I appreciate the challenge of collaborative fiction, especially when dealing with multiple co-authors and believe this contributed to many of the novel's strengths. Overall, as first instalments go, I think this was really fun, action-packed and original.

3.5/5 stars. Trigger Warnings; Gore, Violence, Murder, Threat of Violence & Threat of Murder.

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Published on July 29, 2020

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