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This novel is fast-paced from the start. Landis calls religion, skepticism and culture into question in this exciting novel.

This novel starts with a bang and ends with a shock. Readers are brought along a journey that calls culture and religion into question. Victoria Landis creates characters that mimic the everyday skeptic in all of us. When Petra and Andy are sucked into a whirlwind experience that they are hesitant about due to past life experience, readers are brought along a journey full of twists, turns, and relatable characters.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the beginning. I could hardly wait until the next moment I could read. The chapters are broken down into small parts which made the pace of the novel quick and would be ideal for anyone who likes reading by chapter and doesn't have a lot of time. When Petra and Andy get involved with Jordan, they get involved in a tangle of questions, shady characters, and people who are reluctant to believe the illogical. It makes for a story that is exciting for readers.

The one issue I had with this book was the unresolved plotlines. In the end, it seemed like we aren't meant to know what has happened. It certainly sets the groundwork for a second novel (which I would be thrilled to read), but I also want to know what happened during this novel!

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Victoria Landis writes several genres and humor. A member of Mystery Writers of America, she Co-Chaired the SleuthFest Writers' Conference from 2015-2018. She conducts workshops for the Alvin Sherman Library at Nova Southeastern Univ., the Authors Academy at Murder on the Beach, and at SleuthFest. view profile

Published on February 03, 2019

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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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