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Jojo's Tiny Ear


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A child-friendly look at microtia and a wonderful child who lives with it.

Author and illustrator Stefania Munzi-Logus has a beautiful son named Jojo. Like other children, he loves to play, make friends, and be close to his mother. Jojo also has a disability called microtia, where one ear does not develop as fully as a regular ear and thus leads to difficulties in hearing. In short, Jojo has what some would call a tiny ear. Munzi-Logus' book Jojo's Tiny Ear is a colorful and beautifully illustrated book designed to educate children on this condition and help show more empathy to those who have differences from themselves.

Munzi-Logus' art work is absolutely gorgeous. It is bright and colorful, drawing in the eye. It definitely attracts a child's (and adult's for that matter) attention. The theme of the story is that we are all different and should show love and compassion to all. There is a part of the book where Jojo is tormented by some classmates. This part is absolutely heartbreaking, but sadly a painful reality for children with visible disability.

I love that the author and artist took her concerns for her child and not only helped Jojo to thrive, but also created a book featuring him to help others learn about microtia and how to speak so that those who have difficulties with hearing may understand better. My hope is that other parents use this book with their young children to show them that in the end differences are okay, and we are all just a little bit different from each other. Jojo's Tiny Ear is a must read for parents teaching their children about empathy and compassion.

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Author and illustrator Stefania Munzi-Logus whose son, Jojo, was born with a hearing disability called microtia, teaches us about his condition, common misunderstandings, how to help him understand you better, and also all the wonderful things he can do. Build empathy and understanding with this inspirational and touching picture book about not letting a disability limit your potential.

"Be proud of what makes you, you.
We all thrive with our own technique.
You are valuable too.
The world is more beautiful when we are all unique."

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Published on October 12, 2021

Published by Alphabet Publishing

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