Jane Austen vs Dracula


Loved it! 😍

Jane Austen is ready to kick some vampires in this fun and action-packed horror story.

Twenty years old Jane Austen wants one thing: to become a writer. There are a few things in her way, though. For example, her beloved sister Cassandra has been kidnapped. And, while being kidnapped sounds bad enough, she’s been kidnapped by none other than Count Dracula and now Jane has to track her down and save her. Before the start of the adventure, though, she’s joined by Doctor Porter, Eddy and Max Filador. Between the four of them a weird group forms with the goal to stop Dracula and his hoards from getting control everywhere.

Jane Austen wearing leather and being a vampire killer is something that… had never crossed my mind. I’m kind of sad it hadn’t, because this was a fun and marvelous time.

Initially, I picked this book because I’m a Jane Austen fan and felt like this would be an entertaining read. For some reason, my eyes skimmed over the very obvious tag of horror on it. I’m a scaredy-pants and jump with anything, but I’m very happy I decided to give the book a chance. The story in Jane Austen vs. Dracula is exactly what you would expect from the synopsis: action-packed scenes, humor and new takes on known historical and literature characters. But, at the same time, it’s something that I didn’t expect: I found myself enjoying this book a lot more than I expected. The eclectic gang of character that embarks on the mission of finding the vampires grew on me quickly and made me continue reading for longer than planned on each sitting.

This is my first time reading anything by Darrell Pitt. I feel like his writing style fits this type of story. The pacing between regular scenes and action scenes is something that I find incredibly important in any type of book that deals with adventure and he really managed to get a good balance between the two. I would have appreciated a little more description overall, but didn’t have a problem picturing the things happening in the different scenes.

Overall, I think this was a pretty interesting book. I had a good time reading it and really enjoyed the way the author merged history and fantasy and created a whole new thing. I would recommend this to fans of Jane Austen, vampires, or action stories.

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