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Ithyanna: Last Daughter of Atlantis Book I: How the World Ended Millennia Ago


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A sci-fi book mixing legend and religious characters and stories. It brings us the myths of Atlantis and the Bible in a different, new way.

This is certainly an interesting premise. Mixing the legends of Atlantis with the more "modern" stories from Christianity to create a science fiction book that is different. From the characters to the worlds, the author builds a world familiar, yet not so much. The technology used and talked about in the book is definitely not for this world and it creates a story where myth meeds real world, almost.

While the book certainly is interesting and has a lot to offer, I could not get my teeth sinked into it. For me the biggest problem was the names of the characters and how to keep track of each. There is the reminder of the coming flood and how people react to this. For most, they don't listen except the protagonist and how she needs to try to convince those who she love that they should believe her. The mixture between the old myths of Atlantis and the stories of Noah in the Bible add and extra dimension to the conflict. The characters have a youthful nature and are likable and each one has their own development to go through. The world is futuristic with a link to the old. There is a mix between very modern, future related and old , ancient history. The sacrifices some make to follow their destiny is commendable and overall it truly is an interesting take on tales we are familiar with.

This is a book for pure science fiction fans and also young adult readers. I think it is an interesting new take on old themes and has a lot to offer to those who do decide to pick it up and read. While I enjoyed the book, it didn't hook me and made me want to read it quickly. For the right audience I am sure it will be a page turner.

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I decided to become a writer late in life. My faith in God and my love for both freedom and science fiction has resulted in my novel "Ithyanna, Last Daughter of Atlantis", based on my short film The Last Atlantean (2009). I currently reside in London, Ontario, Canada. view profile

Published on July 28, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Epic Fantasy

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