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Intruder (The Hurricane Chronicles Book 2)


Must read 🏆

The story continues with suspense and new discoveries that won't leave the reader wanting.

This series is a wonderful tale of friendship, intrigue, and magic. I fell in love with the first book, and the second one didn't disappoint me.

When you reach this book, don't think of it as an entirely new book. It picks up immediately where the first book left off and is a continuing story of a rebel group of Agiles and misfits fighting the system. You have to read the first book to understand most of what happens in this book and why. So I will continue with the review from the standpoint of one who is familiar with the story.

Khan has sacrificed himself to save his new friends. Just when he was tapping into the feelings buried deep within him regarding his past and his brother, he gives himself up to enemy to save Reka and the others. But Reka is determined to find him and save him. She can't let him go after all he had done for them and how far he had come.

The writer keeps the story at the same pace as the first book. Time is spent getting to knew new characters brought in while Reka continues to develop her empathetic skills. New characters bring in new dynamics and even expands the storyline with the history of the two princes.

This is a story of adventure in a fantastical land, but it is so much more than that. This is a story of the human spirit and the power of the mind and emotions. The author dives into how feelings are developed and how they impact others around us. Though we might not have the Empathetic powers of Reka, our own emotions do impact everyone else around us. This is a story we can all relate too once we think of what is presented to us and take out the fantasy aspects.

The character development in this story is well done. The reader can see how Reka is becoming more confident and learning to trust herself and her friends and not just give into her emotions.

The actual plot of the story is developed mainly through the character development. Without giving away spoilers, new characters and old dive into their own emotions as the group searches for Kahn and plots how to save his life. It is said that through adversity, one's mettle is revealed. I think that can be said about all the characters within this story.

A great fantasy read, but you really should read the first book first to understand so much in this one.

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