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Into the Garden: lessons on a spiritual journey


Not for me 😔

Although the theme of the garden is very elegant, this book was full with subliminal self-indulgent indications and trivial lessons.

In this book, the author records several stories throughout her life with her reflections upon them; she usually accompanied her parables with verses from the Bible, claiming to convey lessons she learned from God when He communicated with her somehow.

I cannot help but become skeptical regarding all the content in this book after reading this sentence in the introduction: “And because of my fervor, I suppose, God began speaking to me… To the best of my ability, I began to record all that He told me and wove it into the narrative of the following essays.” Here, I stopped having an enticement to read, and I believe that this style could be highly repulsive.

I understand all the theological concepts the author mentioned in this book, and I believe she contemplated about them well enough; it goes as unmentioned that I disagree with most of these ideas, but I disregard that while reading in an attempt of focusing on the realm the author is trying to reach out from. The problem is that many of the ideas she presented and which I would like to refute were intentionally or unintentionally conveyed indirectly; for instance, I quote: “Made in the image of God, we are called to find our way back to Godliness. And if we can, in our short time on earth, accomplish what God has lovingly laid out for us, we will win another small battle in the great war against darkness.” I could point out around four subliminal philosophies that I would want to repudiate from this excerpt alone, and these instances are abundant in the book.

Although the stories are very self-centered, they are nice to read and they relate to the verses she uses from the Bible. It’s interesting to see the progress of a person throughout his/her life; yet again, I wonder why anyone would want to invest his/her time reading these things. The author claimed that there will be lessons here she learned from God. This has to necessitate the presence of some mind-boggling, ground-breaking, and eye-opening parables; however, I found none of that here. Most “lessons” were somehow trivial. Once again, I am very fond of how she connected the Biblical verses to her feelings and experiences, etc…

I like the theme of the garden and I think it is relevant; I also am interested in the analogy between people and plants: “With deeper roots, our lives are enriched because we have endured hardships without falling into sin and despair.”

I have to highlight a disturbingly over-optimistic mood, which constantly left me in a state of repulsion from reading; it is good nonetheless to spread positivity amongst people. There is no foundation for any logical support in any sense, the rationale is mostly emotional and rhetorical, and that’s okay for a meditative writing (to a certain extent).

In conclusion, this read has some enjoyable stories from the life of the author accompanied by her perception regarding their correlation to some Biblical verses; however, I unfortunately cannot find any incentive to invest time in reading them, and it got a bit boring to continue. I highlight the writer’s claim in the introduction that God conveyed these lessons to her, but I also cannot find this to hold throughout the read; the lessons were mostly trivial and supported by an emotional approach. Although I find this read to be mostly over-optimistic, I can see hope in it upon reconstruction…

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Published on June 14, 2020

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