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Inspector White Tip - A Watcher's Mistake


Worth reading 😎

This charming story will appeal to middle schoolers or anyone who’s ever wondered what’s going on between feline ears, and why. Delightful!

The Neighbourhood is in an uproar when Skinny Hind goes missing and no one knows why. One Fang is intent on stealing Skinny’s land. Inspector White Tip is sent in to investigate. But there’s a lot more to this tail (sic) than meets the whisker.

Narrated by White Tip (human name: “Oscar”), the action is set against a backdrop of ever-shifting allegiances and shrinking circles of trust.

This briskly paced tale includes plenty of betrayals, lies, and treachery. Informants and double crosses. Also power plays when Graphite tries to take over the Council and whittle every cat’s boundaries down to a postage stamp.

Turns out there’s a complex hierarchy within feline society. Every cat has its place and there’s a place for every cat, pedigreed or common. Unless you step out of line, use unreasonable force against another cat, or commit treason. Then you’re subject to a “lock-in order” from the Cat Council. Or even worse, exile from “The Neighbourhood.”

While White Tip is threatened with both, someone has to find out happened to Skinny Hind. And what are Old Fang and his incorrigible gang of feline desperadoes up to?

White Tip is determined to get to the bottom of this cat-un-drum, even if it means missing his eight o’clock cuddles.

A charming tale of feline tails, whiskers, watchers, whisperers and runners, this gentle story touches on themes of trust, connectivity, loyalty and honor.

There are a lot of cats to keep track of here. Every cat has its own distinct personality, background, voice, perspective, and job. Some have humans. Some don’t.  All evince the type of self-sufficient autonomy and independence that only cats can pull off and make you love them anyway.

Numerous sketches of the main players appear throughout the book. Even Lock Jaw the dog is included.

The story ends rather abruptly. But there’s ample room for a sequel.

Enchanting and agile, this story will appeal to middle schoolers or anyone who’s ever watched a cat lay languid in a patch of sun or peered into their luminous eyes and wondered what’s going on between those feline ears. Delightful!

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The Mistake

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I am a first time self-published author. I have been writing for about 2 years, unpublished. Inspector White Tip focuses on themes of trust and changing relationships through the eyes of a cat, including their relationships to humans, which are sometimes difficult to understand. view profile

Published on December 01, 2020

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