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Inpowering Leadership - How to Lead with Purpose, Speed, and Accuracy through Change and Disruption


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Inpowering Leadership is a primer for effective leadership in the 21st century.

The 21st century with its dizzying ever changing demands require a special kind of leadership. In Inpowering Leadership, Vijay Jayachandran encourages leaders to step out of their leadership comfort zones, challenge their personal assumptions, and adjust their worldviews if they want to remain competitive. The authors does not only ask that leaders change the way they think, but also provides the tools to do so. The author discusses how important it is for leaders today to inspire the people they lead as they maneuver uncertain times.

Inpowering Leadership is a hands-on four step guide that leaders can use to transform an organization. The real-life experiments force leaders to take a second hard look at their leadership styles during times of crisis and change. Vijay Jayachandran believes in learning by doing and therefore uses past experiences to share valuable techniques with the readers. For leaders who are stymied by the large-scale disruption of traditional business models Inpowering Leadership provides a needed respite from the chaos.

In Inpowering Leadership, the author tells it like it is, but also provides workable solutions. Vijay shows that though things might look dim in the rapidly evolving business landscape, leaders can learn the skills for survival from reading this book. The author discusses strategies that can propel leaders from stress to success despite the current uncertain business environment. Jayachandran shows how entire teams and organizations can easily adapt to change with speed and accuracy. While some of the suggested solutions might not be comfortable for some leaders, they are worth a try for any organization that wants to remain buoyant in today’s ultra-competitive world of business.

Leaders who want to transform organizations and are ready for a journey of personal exploration should grab a copy of Inpowering Leadership. If you are struggling to adapt to the many changes in today’s rapidly changing business environment, then you can find encouragement between the pages of this book. I recommend Inpowering Leadership for executives, leaders, team leaders, team members, and prospective leaders. Change is rapid and inevitable, so a great leader wants to stay abreast and Inpowering Leadership is a great place to start.

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Vijay is an optimist who believes in the power of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. He is a seasoned executive with over two decades of experience at a Fortune 50 company. He is now exploring the world of startups as CEO of an AI company and EIR at the UConn Tech Incubator. view profile

Published on October 22, 2020

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