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Indy and Jenny


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This is a heartwarming, true story about how a girl and a dog found their forever homes with each other.

July fourth is a significant day for people in the United States, but it holds an even more special place in the heart of one girl and her dog. Jenny has decided to move to the big city, living temporarily with her brother and his wife as she determines what job to pursue. On the same day, a bundle is abandoned by the side of the road, containing a critically injured dog who must fend for himself. Through the help of kind humans and no shortage of tenacity, Jenny and Indy find their way together, rescuing one another along the way.

This lovely picture book is based on the true story of a dog named Indy and the girl who gave him a forever home. Designed to be accessible to young readers, each page includes a short, direct block of text that explains what happened using familiar terminology. Indy and Jenny’s stories are placed side-by-side as they each traverse their individual paths before those paths converge. Each page is well-balanced visually, and the text and images work well together to tell the story of how these two friends met.

Digitally rendered illustrations are found throughout the book and bring Indy and Jenny’s tale to life. Using a limited color palette that features blues and browns, the visual component of the story stands out from other books in this genre. Humans of a variety of hues, backgrounds, and abilities adorn the images while Indy and Jenny are placed in the foreground. Soft textures and shading enhance the images, leaving readers with a positive feeling despite the challenges both characters face.

Animal lovers will appreciate the presentation of this story, especially as it recounts true events. Though Indy and Jenny are the primary features of the narrative, their experiences go well beyond them to draw attention to animal rights on a grander scale. Depictions of court proceedings and protests introduce young readers to the impact that a community can have when it comes together for a common goal. This is an excellent addition to nonfiction picture book collections for elementary school-aged readers. 

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This heart-warming and thoughtfully illustrated children's picture book tells a true story of resilience, perseverance, and the power of empathy that is certain to touch young readers.

We follow the journey of Indy, a rescued pit bull whose loving spirit inspired a city to come to his aid and to stand up for justice. In the meantime, it was the quiet and gentle presence of Jenny and the bond she formed with Indy that transformed their lives forever.

Readers are sure to be moved by the power of community, Indy's capacity for recovery, and the healing heart of unconditional love. The back matter includes a photo of Jenny and Indy, bow-tie and all! To learn more about their journey, and for thought-provoking discussion questions, please visit

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Published on July 27, 2021

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