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Inadmissible - The Case of Lizzie Borden & Other Murderous Women


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An extensive review of the facts about the Lizzie Borden murders, with added details about other females accused of murder over time.

This extensively researched book covers both the famous Borden murders and the time in which they were committed. The author leaves no stone unturned as they review the police management of the crime scene, the relationships between the various players, and the suppositions of many, both at the time and later (as revealed by paranormal investigators).

It all makes for an interesting read, as do the mini-biographies of other murderous women. Their placement firmly in the context of the time adds a layer of understanding about what sort of pressures women were under, after losing the freedoms once promised to them in the US.

There are extensive references, detailed court transcripts, tables and letters, all giving the impression that a great deal of study has been done in preparation for this book.

Much of the material is graphic, and I found the description of the Borden’s bodies gruesome in the extreme - beware those of tender stomachs!

I felt some of the angles were inadequately explored. Mr. Borden had taken to locking up the entire house, room by room, with multiple locks and keys. He is also described as being very cheap and controlling in many ways, yet the possibility of him being involved in his wife’s murder is not discussed. In addition, this level of control is extremely odd, and yet the majority of the discussion is about Lizzie’s moodiness. I dare say I would be moody, too, forced to live in this manner.

The possibility of Lizzie being the victim of sexual abuse is touched on very lightly late on, yet I feel there was indeed something nasty going on in the woodshed (metaphorically) to have affected the two Borden girls so severely.

The information about the Mills and the surrounding lives in Fall River, about the women’s rights struggles, about the legal battles was fascinating and I feel much better informed about this horrific crime. I grew up in Massachusetts, and the story was always whispered about but the facts around it never discussed. The author walks the reader through the scenes in such great detail I could almost see the faces on the family members.

For those who love a good true crime read, with enough really interesting information to keep even those who normally prefer a more delicate handling of their mysteries reading on.

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Published on November 30, 2020

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