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In the Valleys of the Earth


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Cute nerd meets taciturn protector in this unique, fun m/m romance novel

I chose this book to read because I was fascinated by the synopsis; I read a lot of romance books, but this one had such a unique premise. Set around the Hebrew text The Book of Enoch, this one focuses on a xenoarcheologist who becomes involved in a complicated, ongoing war between heavenly creatures. More than that, this features an m/m romance with my absolute favourite dynamic- cute nerd meets towering, taciturn man mountain.

This book definitely had a plot unlike any I've read in this sort of novel before; what was incredibly obvious to me throughout reading this was how much Pearl clearly loves this lore. The level of research which must have gone into this project is impressive, and definitely comes through. I was hooked on the mythology, and I think bringing that into a modern setting worked well.

The characters were where this book perhaps fell a little flat, and didn't quite live up to the potential of the premise. Alec Coimhead is our protagonist, and he is Scottish- something you'll never be able to forget, because his dialogue often uses almost caricatured dialect words. He is fine, but a little underdeveloped, and I found myself frequently wanting to know more about him and wanting to see him react in more realistic ways (or sometimes, in any way) to the bizarre things happening around him.

Rafe is the love interest, and he is 6'7" of muscular moodiness. He works for the Praesidium, a mysterious organisation which apparently protects humanity. He clearly has a secret past of his own, one he is reluctant to share with Alec. This creates some nice tension at first, but it doesn't really pay off. He, too, is a little flat.

There is a nice cast of supporting characters, including Clemy, Alec's best friend, who I genuinely found myself wanting to see more of. The book has a lot of strong female representation which I enjoyed a lot while reading.

This is the start of a series, and I hope to see more of it; I think there is a lot of potential here, and I loved the setting and world building. I'd like to see a bit more depth in the main characters moving forward, but this is a fun novel which is a bit different, and definitely worth a read.

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Published on May 20, 2020

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