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In the Presence of the King


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A story that will transport you to another place in time while touching your very soul.

A good fantasy story gets me every time, but this story had me wanting so much more. I didn't want it to end even as I couldn't wait to get to the end. That is the mark of an exceptional story.

The plot is extremely well done as the story follows three young men through changes that will bring them to man-hood and get an understanding of their very soul. One is called to special service under the mysterious king. The other two are torn between thinking their friend needs rescuing or fleeing to the wild lands where evil resides.

The story is full of adventure and moments of self-reflection that we all can relate to. There wasn't a moment I wasn't glued to the page. Even at the slower points, I was hooked. There was something of value on every page.

The characters are far from flat. Each one is completely unique and easily relatable to. They were very real to me as a reader. I wanted to get to know them better. The main character was full of conflicts, both internal and external. He represented all of us in learning to better ourselves and learning to interact with the world at large in a way that reflects our hearts. I saw myself in him so many times. I know what it is like to doubt my own actions and thoughts like this young man.

What really stands out in this story are the powerful characters who are women. There are several who will leave their mark on you as they do with the others in the story. There are creatures from all walks of life within the land. There is no one superior race or gender. They are all equal as they fulfill the king's missions.

As I read, a familiar story began to reveal itself to me that just made the story even better. It is a story of souls and their journey to fulfillment. It is a story of becoming who you really are inside. It is a story of loss, betrayal, uncertainty, and triumph. There is evil. There is good. And then there is the complicated situations we are all familiar with.

I have found a new author I will be wanting more of. To be honest, I don't say this often with books, but this is one that I think should be on everyone's reading list. It is one that I will want to pass on to other readers. Check it out!

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The Last Survivor

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