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“In Search of Jesus of Nazareth and His Original Teaching”


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Faith is very personal. Belief, by definition, is whatever an individual chooses to believe. The book “In Search of Jesus of Nazareth and His Original Teaching” chronicles the research and analysis leading to the formulation of Paul A. Weekes personal understanding of the Historical Jesus and his Teaching.. It is his sincere hope that his research may be used as a guide to help others clarify their own faith and belief.

The book addresses:
• The two completely different accounts of the origin of “Jesus the Christ”, contained in the four canonical Gospels of the “New Testament”.
• The date and place of his birth.
• His Father and Family members.
• What happened after his death on the cross?
• And most importantly, his advanced Spiritual teaching, that was understood by only a few of the Disciples.


All of the great religious leaders/teachers (Abraham,

Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Confucius, etc.)

were involved in responding to a special spiritual calling/communication

with a universal power that most people refer to as

“God.” There are many powerful influences that control the

physical universe, including: gravitational, centrifugal, magnetic,

electrical, atomic, and nuclear forces. Similarly, there are

forces contained within every human being on Earth that influence

the direction and quality of that individual’s life. Among

these forces are self-preservation, ego, and what I will call the

“life force” for good. All of the luminaries above and many

more, including Aristotle, Socrates, Da Vinci, Newton, Bach,

Lincoln, Gandhi, Einstein, Martin Luther King, and Mother

Teresa, were clearly operating on a heightened level of life

force. This life force is also known as: the soul, the Divine Spirit,

the conscience, morality, spirituality, or what the Dalai

Lama identified as “ethical compassion” in a May 5, 2009,

speech at MIT. He also indicated, “There’s potential to increase

that internal force, just as knowledge can be increased by education.”

Jesus of Nazareth declared that the same internal force

that drove him was in every individual, and he called it “the

Kingdom of God.”

About the author

Paul Weekes was born in Brooklyn, NY, and grew up in upstate NY. He earned a BS degree in Physics from Syracuse University and spent his business career in Information Technology Management with several large U.S. Corporations. He is retired, living in a oceanfront home Rosarito Beach, BC, Mexico view profile

Published on May 04, 2020

Published by Dorrance

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Genre: Religion & Spirituality

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